Every business looks for ways to save money.

Replacing your outdated paper and pencil attendance system with a time attendance clock is a good place to start. Here’s three reasons why.

Attendance Software Makes Payroll Management Easier

Managing payroll is an essential but time consuming task, especially if you’re using an old fashioned paper and pencil time and attendance system.

Manually calculating payroll or entering attendance data into your payroll software by hand is tedious and prone to human error. The job becomes even more complicated when paid leave time, overtime or other special circumstances have to be factored in.

Our time clock software expedites the process while making it more accurate at the same time.

Our time tracking software TimeSummit automatically generates time card reports when it receives data from your time clock – giving you well organized, legible time and attendance records without going through the long and difficult process of sorting and categorizing them yourself.

Time Clock SystemData stored in TimeSummit can be easily accessed in case your bookkeeper needs to edit, monitor or confirm time data too. Best of all, these reports can then be exported to your payroll package almost instantly using our AccountLinx software.

Digital Attendance Tracking Guarantees Employees Comply With Your Procedures

Paying employees for time they weren’t on the job isn’t only ethically unfair, it’s a major hindrance to the profitability and growth of your business.

Paper and pencil time cards are all too easy to alter and make it simple for employees to misrepresent the actual time they spent working. Sometimes the errors aren’t even intentional. Recalling a week’s worth of attendance by memory is difficult for anyone.

To make matters worse, discovering these inaccuracies is difficult because you have no records to compare the employees’ time card too.

Collecting time and attendance data digitally prevents employees from getting around the system and altering records in their favor.

Our biometric PocketClock/GPS even uses the front facing camera on your iOS or Android mobile device to snap a picture of the employee clocking in, making buddy punching a risk you no longer have to worry about.

Time Clock Software Lets You Track Job Costs

Our time clock system allows you to have complete control of your workforce, not just their time and attendance. Our time clocks allow you to track work tasks, equipment and worksites, giving you the tools you need for more accurate job costing.

Easily compile more accurate records on how long certain projects took, the amount of material used and the cost of operating necessary equipment.

Better job costing allows you to determine a more precise budget for projects, saving you money on operating costs and giving you the ability to offer clients more competitive bids.

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