Construction puts unique stresses and strains on any piece of equipment you put in thePortable Time Clock field. That’s why a truly effective construction time clock needs to possess these four crucial traits.


Accurate time and attendance records are essential for the success of any business in any industry.

Construction is no exception.

Pencil and paper timesheets simply can’t deliver the degree of accuracy an automated time tracking clock can. They leave themselves open to buddy punching and hour inflation with no real way to detect it.

Our wireless time clock, JobClock Hornet, collects 100% accurate time and attendance records each and every time. It then automatically forwards those records onto our time clock software, TimeSummit, in your office every hour for verification. No more inaccurate time cards, no more data entry errors.


Construction can be punishing, both for workers and the equipment they use.

Work crews must deal with inclement weather, mud, dust and extreme temperatures. That’s why it’s essential to have a time tracking system that can stand up to these challenges.

Hornet was built with the unique challenges facing the construction industry mind. It’s rugged, anti-shock ABS case ensures it can withstand the worst the jobsite can throw at it.


The construction industry is an industry on the go. Crews change work sites frequently, often located a good distance from each other. Your construction time clock obviously needs to be able to go with them.

Hornet isn’t just durable, its lightweight construction makes it easy to take wherever it’s needed.

It’s the first wireless time clock of it kinds and its 21-day rechargeable battery allows it to operate away from an external power source for long periods.


Every business’ goal is to grow. An effective time attendance clock is one that can accommodate that growth without slowing it down.

Hornet allows you to track an unlimited number of employees and cost codes, so you’ll never have to worry about your time and attendance system falling behind the pace of your business’ success.

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