How ExakTime Works

Time tracking for the office: ClockPoint Kiosk

Your time and money is as important in the office as it is on the jobsite. It’s important for you to know what is happening, and when, with your office tasks and employees.

Turn Your Computer into a Time and Attendance Tracking System

ClockPoint Kiosk transforms any internet-connected computer – desktop or laptop – into a powerful and easy-to-use time and attendance clock.

It’s a time and attendance solution for the trailer or home office that integrates seamlessly with the JobClock and PocketClock time clocks, and with our ClockPoint Connect online time clock.

ClockPoint Kiosk is a small unit that plugs into your computer’s USB port, allowing your employees to clock in and out with KeyTabs and FastTrakkers. It works together with our other time clocks to sdeliver all of your time and attendance data to our desktop time tracking software, TimeSummit.

No Limits on What You Can Track

With ClockPoint Kiosk you can track an unlimited number of employees, tasks and cost codes, so nothing slips through the cracks.

You can also give each ClockPoint Kiosk location a custom job-location name as well.

Perfect for the Office, But Not Just for the Office

ClockPoint Kiosk is not just for the office. It can be used in the field as well.

Plug it into a laptop and it will record and store time and attendance data, syncing with TimeSummit automatically as soon as you are in range of an internet connection.

Completes your Time and Attendance System

Adding ClockPoint Kiosk to your ExakTime time and attendance tracking system lets you cover all of your bases, in the office and the trailer or at the job site. It helps you organize your workflow, track your employee’s whereabouts and activities and command all of your resources with great efficiency.