There are plenty of benefits that come with having accurate time records, but did you know that accurate time tracking can also make employees more efficient?

It’s true! Having accurate data for how much time employees spend on certain tasks allows them to make better informed decisions on similar projects in the future.

Know When They Need More Help

If a certain type of project is regularly taking longer than expected to complete, accurate time records will help you and your employees reallocate resources and personnel where they’re needed most.

This data is particularly helpful for knowing what projects are sucking up the hours of an employee is consistently working overtime.

Better Plan Future Projects

In the same vein, knowing which tasks take the most time will allow you to better plan (and better bill) for projects further down the line.

This will give you advance notice if you need to increase your budget or manpower for longer projects—and you’ll have a chance to build additional time and labor costs into your proposals.

Cut Down On Inefficient Tasks/Distractions

There’s something about being “on the clock” that encourages better time management skills. If projects are regularly taking a lot longer than they should, it’s a likely sign that work isn’t being done as efficiently as it could be—or that there are other distractions preventing the work from getting done.

With accurate time tracking data, your employees can identify areas of their workflow that might need to be improved.

Understand the Value of Their Work

Employees who understand the honest value of their work are happier and more productive. Part of that understanding comes from knowing how the smaller tasks they perform on a day-to-day basis add up to the full work week, and lead to bigger accomplishments that have a real impact on the company’s bottom line.

Ready to Help Your Employees Be More Efficient?

ExakTime has a powerful set of tools to help you make your time tracking more efficient. From tracking employees on-the-go with our ExakTime Mobile app or rugged clocks to generating powerful reports and analyzing trends with ExakTime Connect, you’ll have all the data you need to help your employees make the most of their workday.

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