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Our mobile time tracking app with GPS means your portable time and attendance tracking system goes wherever you—or your workers—go. In the construction industry, that kind of flexibility is essential.

Time and attendance verification for remote employees

Verifying your remote employee’s time and attendance data is next to impossible with traditional pen-and-paper time and attendance systems. Handwritten records are easy to forge and hard for your bookkeepers to read—and outdated punch card systems are vulnerable to buddy punching and time theft.

ExakTime Mobile uses FaceFront Biometrics to eliminate buddy punching and verify employees are clocking in for themselves.

With FaceFront Biometrics, the front-facing camera on your Smartphone or Tablet snaps a headshot of the employee clocking in or out. Now your bookkeeper has photo verification at their fingertips—so you can rest assured your employee’s time and attendance records are 100% accurate.

GPS for better employee management

ExakTime Mobile utilizes the power of 24 global positioning satellites and your smartphone to give you the exact location of your workers when they clock in and out in the field. You can also set custom geofences to notify you when your employees clock in or out at the wrong location.

Employee and job activity tracking

Your crews are spread out over various work sites, and you can’t be everywhere at once. ExakTime Mobile is like your extra set of eyes in the field.

Our mobile time clock app allows you to track labor and job progress in real time. Workers just log in with their unique PIN, clock in and choose their location and cost code right from their mobile device. Job costing has never been easier or more precise—letting you make important decisions before costs get out of hand.

Electronic time tracking and automated data storage ensures your time and attendance data is 100% accurate and up-to-date, saving you money every time on payroll.

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