Timecards and summary reports are at the heart of The ExakTime System. ExakTime’s time tracking software collects time records from the field and organizes them into 100% accurate, digital reports, which can either be viewed on a screen or printed. We offer more than 25 reports to fit the needs of any business. Whether it be as simple as an employee timecard or as complex as a cost code by jobsite report – we have you covered. Some of the most commonly used reports are Employee Executive Summary, Employee Timecard, Employee Touch Detail, Employees by Location and Locations by Employee.

New reports

TimeSummit 3.11, released in December 2010, includes a completely new reporting engine and six new reports to fit the growing needs of our expanding markets:

  1. Employee Approaching Overtime This Week – What this report does: Shows employees that are nearing (or have exceeded) the number of hours for weekly (or bi-weekly) overtime pay in the current pay period. The date range values are ignored for this report. Benefit: See who’s nearing ovretime so that you can adjust their hours.
  2. Employee Timecard by Week – What this report does: Displays a timesheet for each employee, grouped by week, with the total hours worked each day, the total each week, and the total for the pay period. You can also include a signature line for employees to sign. Good for all pay schedules, including monthly pay. Benefit: Provide a timecard to give your employees, with each pay week separately broken out.
  3. Guesstimator Jobsite Labor Cost – What this report does: Gets an approximate total labor cost for each location. If you set the start date for the beginning of a given job, it is an excellent report for job costing. To use this report, you must first utilize the new Guesstimator tool.
  4. Guesstimator Payroll – What this report does: Displays an approximate total for your payroll, broken down by each employee. To use this report, you must first utilize the new Guesstimator tool.
    Jobsite By Employee Report
  5. JobClock Collection Status – What this report does: List two groups… JobClocks that have been collected during the specified time period and JobClocks that have not. It also provides the locations of the JobClock, the last collection date and the latest known battery status. Benefit: Check which JobClocks weren’t collected from during this pay period.
  6. Keytab Assignments – What this report does: Provides a simple list of every employee and the Keytabs assigned to them. Benefit: See who has which Keytabs.

Powerful reporting tools

TimeSummit includes power reporting tools. With the software’s filtering options, you can choose the details of your reports. You can filter employees, jobsites or costs codes, tailoring each report to exactly what you want to review.

You can also print your report or view them directly on your computer screen. Additionally, you can export your reports to Excel for further calculations, to a PDF document for easy sharing of your reports or to HTML to send as an e-mail. Also, by using AccountLinx software you can export directly to your accounting or payroll software in seconds.

TimeSummit also calculates and tracks daily and weekly overtime hours separately, so you can understand where your costs are increasing. ExakTime users see a drastic drop in overtime pay after their first few payrolls!