TimeSummit reporting software for employee time and attendance

If you use the portable JobClock, Time Clock App, or ClockPoint Connect, there’s no argument that The ExakTime System has proven to save businesses time, money and paper. But all of those advantages at the job, on the road, and in the office can’t be fully realized without the TimeSummit time and attendance tracking software.

The TimeSummit is just as easy to install and use as the actual time and attendance tracking devices. TimeSummit collects and logs every time and attendance record, manages employees, costs and job locations and allows easy access and editing on all reports.

You need time and attendance tracking software you can trust, and TimeSummit features 100% timecard accuracy as well as an automated system that calculates overtime, shift rounding and lunch and travel hours. TimeSummit also has The Guesstimator, a convenient tool that can provide a good estimate of your employees’ work cost to the company.

Benefits of TimeSummit Software

To help your company contribute to the Green Movement, TimeSummit has enough space to archive years of time and attendance tracking without so much as a single printed sheet of paper. Any records from the TimeSummit software can be exported to Excel, PDF and/or HTML format, and edited by one or more managers, accounting staffers or employees.

Just like the JobClock, PocketClock and ClockPoint Connect, the TimeSummit software is extremely versatile and capable of making any employee’s life easier. Any manager, bookkeeper or other employee that needs to access records or other reports can do so through a networked TimeSummit and TimeSummit Reporter.

The TimeSummit Reporter differs from TimeSummit because it does not allow any records to be modified or employees or devices to be added to The ExakTime System. TimeSummit Reporter is a great reference tool when time and attendance records and various pieces of information need clarification.

TimeSummit software is your lifeline to every employee’s time and attendance card, and the most efficient, easy and accurate way to catalog and save years of time tracking records. After all, isn’t easy, efficient and accurate time and attendance tracking exactly what every business needs?