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10 most frequently asked questions about time tracking

Shaimoom Newaz |

1. How much time and money can I expect to save with ExakTime?

According to the American Payroll Association, businesses with 20 employees lose an average of $25,000 annually with handwritten, paper time cards (about 50 minutes per day, per employee).

Our system solves the problem of time theft by collecting digital records of the exact minute workers clock in and out—and pays for itself, on average, in about 4 to 6 weeks.

Get a more exact estimate of your savings with our payroll savings calculator.

2. Do you offer a guarantee or warranty on your products?

It’s our number one priority to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your purchase. That’s why we offer a 30-day, no-hassle, money-back guarantee on all new systems purchased.

Subscribing to ExakCare will provide you with further protection, full-time support 12 hours a day, plus the latest updates on every product.

3. What payroll packages do you work with?

We share time & attendance data with QuickBooks, Sage, ADP, Paychex and dozens more of the most popular accounting applications out there today.

In just a few simple clicks, you can transfer your time records from our system to yours. No more fudged data. No more manual data entry.

4. Are you guys in the cloud?

Yes. Our award-winning time clocks and mobile app sync seamlessly with our software in the cloud, which securely stores your field records for access from any Internet-enabled device.

5. Which time clock is best for me?

We’d be happy to help you determine this, once we know what type of workers you have and where they are working.

We offer a a mobile time tracking app plus wireless and rugged time clocks to fit the needs of all our customers. You can even mix clocks in your system if you need to—their data flows into our software seamlessly.

6. Does your system stop buddy punching/do you have biometrics?

No time and attendance system will turn a bad employee into a good one. An employee who cheats on handwritten paper time cards will try to do the same when clocking into an automated time tracking system.

ExakTime Mobile, however, employs FaceFront Biometrics® to eliminate buddy punching and time theft.

Using their mobile device’s front-facing camera, the app snaps photos of your workers at clock-in and clock-out and takes a GPS stamp of their location. Time stamps and photos go straight to the cloud for your bookkeeper to match with the employee’s master photo.

7. Does your system use GPS tracking?

Yes. When workers clock in or out on their smartphones using our ExakTime Mobile app, the app records their GPS location. These GPS stamps appear next to each time stamp in our software, and a red satellite icon shows when an employee wasn’t where they should be.

ExakTime Mobile also utilizes a bread crumbing feature—GeoTrakker—that tracks workers on the move, while they are moving.

8. What does your system track besides hours worked?

Our automated systems track the work-site data that matter most.

The ExakTime System tracks worker hours, costs codes, work activities, job phases, equipment, job locations, materials, budgets, vendors and more—and organizes the data into clean, detailed reports that you can actually read and trust.

The granular data we track makes it easier for contractors to win future bids and lower workers’ comp premiums or for project managers to create more accurate SOWs. The data also protects against wage and hour compliance lawsuits.

9. Does your system track who edited time records?

Yes. Our web-based software ExakTime Connect requires each user to login with a username and password and attaches an audit trail to any edits they make while reviewing time records.

If edits need to be made in your office or anywhere else, you can track who edited the records, the changes made and the date the edit was executed.

10. Last but not least, how much does your system cost?

Because we customize every time and attendance package to our clients’ needs, the price does vary from system to system.

For more information on pricing, call us at (888) 788-8463 and we’ll put together a free quote based on the needs of your business. The next move will be up to you.

43 responses to “10 most frequently asked questions about time tracking

  1. Horrible idea for us workers in the field. Have a little trust that we are showing up on time and doing our job. Just because there are idiots out there that are not honest, doesn’t mean we all suffer. Any company doing this is strictly paranoid and has bad workers and a bad reputation. This app will be used by myself and the rest of the honest and hard working Americans at my company but we are not happy and will abuse it.

    1. Wow! [Anonymous]….You claim that “you’re so honest” yet you end the comment, that you and your fellow employees “will abuse it”. You make yourself a poor example of an “honest employee”. This is exactly why there needs to be controls like this. You’re going to take advantage of this new system….pardon me for making this assumption (you do it to yourself) but I’d be willing to bet that you and your fellow workers have done something like this before. Thanks for the great example of why employers should have such a system.

    2. Being ignorant Anonymous is not a bad thing, just a little education is all. I am a small contracting firm and this is the SINGLE best thing I have invested in. It has NOTHING to do with honesty or lack of trust from owner/management and employees. It has EVERYTHING to do with streamlining my business and seamless payroll and literally no more issues associated with hours being scribbled on a napkin, old receipts, toilet paper or whatever is lying around on the floorboard of the truck (even though time sheets are provided). My crew LOVES it. No I don’t work for this company either, just a big fan. At the time I purchased my original system I had 22 employees and the whole system cost me about 7K. The savings are tremendous and I have raised employees wages as I don’t have to hire additional administration or bookkeepers to handle payroll anymore. Seamless integration with QB and Direct Deposit and I am one HAPPY camper. It isn’t perfect, but constant refinements on part of Exaktime it continues to get better. On the employee implement and input side, it is about perfect. Just my two cents. Have an awesome day!

      1. Hi Kevin,

        Thanks so much for the complimentary words!! ExakTime puts a lot of effort into providing a great product for our customers. We’re always thrilled to hear it’s paying off.


  2. I just started using this app. Didn’t like the idea at first. But it is a great app. I work for a construction company and I visit many jobs and deliver ideas and work at different locations. It helps show all jobs. The only thing I wish it would show on the history is the job . You have to click on it to see it. There are times I work on thing that are for multiple jobs . So I clock it later and make mistakes can’t delete it. And the other thing is it dosnt show is total hours for the day. So have to tell office what happen. But I wouldn’t give it up.

    1. Thanks for your comments, John! We will pass these along to our tech team so they can register them as suggestions. And if you’d like to speak to anyone for support at anytime, don’t hesitate to call us at 888-788-8463!


      The ExakTime Team

    1. Hi Julie,

      Not much at all. We have a data sheet that gives you exact amounts–I’ll send it to your email address now.

      ExakTime Marketing

  3. Can this access your phone’s camera and mic at any time? If so, isn’t that quite invasive for my employees?

    1. Hello JR,

      To answer your question: no, ExakTime Mobile cannot access their camera and mic anytime. The camera is only accessed when they clock in and out to snap a photo (if you have our FaceFront feature activated). The mic is only accessed if they select to create an audio file through our Field Notes feature. I hope this helps–please feel free to call us at 888-7888-8463 with any other questions!

      The ExakTime Team

  4. Of I r set my phone to factory reset. Will I need a new activation code from my employer or can I use theboriginsl code given to me when I first installed the app.

    1. Hi Christopher,

      Yes—when you factory reset it redownloads all your apps, so they are like new. So yes, you will need to your ask your employer for a new activation code from ExakTime Connect. Please tell them to give us a call with any questions at 888-788-8463!

      The ExakTime Team

  5. Can a employee use a mock location app to change there GPS location through there phones development options and clock in from another location?

    1. Hi Christopher, So sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Our usual reply time is within a day. The answer to your question: In theory, this is possible. We don’t know of a specific app, but we have heard of such apps existing. If it were a company phone you could control the apps on it, but with an employee owned phone you unfortunately don’t have that right. Our advice would be that if you suspect any employees of doing this, make sure you have the FaceFront Biometrics feature turned on to snap a photo of them at clock-in and clock-out and ask that they show the job site in the background. Finally, if you are still concerned, please feel free to contact our tech support team at 888-788-8463. They might be able to discern something suspicious about the GPS time stamps. We hope this helps!

  6. Hi, i am a worker using this app and i was just wondering. Can you use one activation code for two different smart phones? Will all my hours info be tracked as one or as two if i use the same name and code? Hope i am clear on my question. Reason why i need two phones is memory and battery life.

    1. Hi Carlos, yes you can. The activation codes last 1 week, and can be used on more than one device for that week. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      The ExakTime Team

    1. Hi Aaron,

      Thanks for reaching out! Yes, field workers can track their own hours on the app easily. They just enter a four-digit PIN and then begin tracking. You do need the back-end software to use our app, but it is very easy for field workers. We’re happy to discuss our system further and give you more information. I’ll have a customer service representative reach out to you!

      The ExakTime Team

    1. Hi Stephen,

      No—ExakTime respects the privacy of workers during their personal time, so no one’s GPS location can be tracked with our app once they have clocked out. When they do clock in, you can see where they were relative to a job site’s geofence, or you can use our GeoTrakker feature to track workers who are on the move (with regular updates on their whereabouts). Please let us know if you have other questions! And call anytime: 888-788-8463.

      The ExakTime Team

  7. Is there a reputable site to get a privacy policy for employer/employees in Illinois and Iowa? Tracking employees while using their personal phones, and using their own data seems a little dishonest. I think more employees would be happy to use this app if they felt a bit more secure.

    1. Dear Misstoum,

      ExakTime tracks employees only through our app, and only when they are clocked in. The app’s GPS tracking function simply marks the location of their time punches as inside or outside a designated work site geofence. Our other, optional GPS tracking feature, Geotrakker, provides location/speed breadcrumbs on *clocked-in* mobile workers while they’re in transit. A negligible amount of data is used by ExakTime’s app (including with Geotrakker)—about 10 mb per month, or .01 GB. We encourage employers to explain our app and its GPS features to workers before you implement the system, but we respect employees’ off-the-clock privacy completely.

      As far as a privacy policy, the best we can do is provide you with these links that talk about laws in Illinois and elsewhere for GPS tracking and employee privacy. Please contact your state Attorney General’s office for further information:


      We hope this helps! Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 888-788-8463 with any questions.

      The ExakTime Team

  8. Is there a list of compatable phones that work with the ExakTime app?? We are looking to upgrade a few phones but don’t want to break the bank.

    1. Hi Danelle,

      Our app works on all Android phones and iPhones that support the latest operating system for that phone type. (If you go with a phone that doesn’t support the latest operating system, you will not receive all of our updates or bug fixes.) We suggest you ask the service provider or smartphone vendor whether the phones you’re planning to purchase will support the latest OS.

      I hope that helps. Feel free to give us a call at 888-788-8463 with any further questions!

      The ExakTime Team

  9. Does ExakTime show if a worker is moving around the job site after they clock in ? And what if a worker clocks in at the job site then turns off they’re location then when it’s time to clock out turn it back on will this affect the hours worked ?

    1. Hi Erik,

      First of all, great questions!

      When your workers use our app, it records their exact locations at clock in and clock out (and shows you if they were within the virtual geofence of their job site). We also have a free feature called GeoTrakker that records employees’ locations throughout the day while on the clock (it can be useful for workers who are traveling around during the day). As for the scenario you describe, if a worker turned off their phone’s GPS after clock-in and then turned it back on at clock out, it would not affect their hours recorded in our system. But if you’re concerned about someone leaving the job site and then returning just to clock out, you might want to use GeoTrakker to monitor their location throughout the day (and you’ll know they’ve turned their GPS off if you are not receiving breadcrumbing information with this feature).

      Hope that helps! We’d be happy to explain it further anytime at 888-788-8463!

      The ExakTime Team

  10. Why is my ExakTime app asking for a mobile pin? I haven’t been able to clock in for 3 days. But my jobs are also received through email so I have back up there.

    1. Hi Anna,

      We could offer you the best help with this over the phone. I will have someone from our support team email you now, or feel free to call us 888-788-8463.

      The ExakTime Team

  11. Why does my phones battery life only last an average of only 4 hrs. With the exak time app installed on my phone, and battery life jumps up to an average of 13 hrs. As soon as the app is removed? This app seems to constantly run in the background even when not being used on the weekends. Is there a way to prevent this? Another question i have is what happens if someone attempts to clock in but their phone has no signal?

    1. Hi Ian, that’s interesting—we don’t really hear of the app using battery life when a worker isn’t clocked in. Please give our tech support team a call at 888-788-8463 when you have a moment, and they’d be more than happy to try and help you get to the bottom of it. (Also, clock-ins that occur when you don’t have service will sync when you come back into a service area.)

      Thanks a bunch,
      Your friends at ExakTime

  12. From an employee stand point, can the employer track your speed when you are traveling for work with the geotracker?

    1. Hello Frank, with Geotrakker, yes–the employer can track the employee’s speed when he/she is clocked in and traveling during the work day. They cannot track location, speed, anything when you are clocked out. Please let us know if you have other questions!

  13. Hello, I just downloaded the ExakTime mobile app and logged in using the company setup code. Now it’s asking for the mobile pin, what is it all about? I don’t have the mobile pin .. where can I get that? Please detail about the mobile pin, Thank you.

    1. Hi, sorry we missed this! We hope you found the answer to your question. For a more prompt answer in the future, please try us on our support site at help.exaktime.com, or by calling us at 888-788-8463.

  14. When all functions are turned off in settings , gps , data , phot etc . Do they still send data to the employer ? Example weekends or picking up product and stopping in for a coffee while traveling to the next destination?

    1. Hi Bob,

      If you’re clocked in during the workday and your employer is using Geotrakker (an optional feature to track traveling employees), you might be tracked while stopping for coffee between jobs. However, turning off GPS would prevent this from working. When you are clocked out, nothing is tracked by the ExakTime app—regardless of whether your GPS is on or off. I hope this answer helps. Please give us a call at 888-788-8463 and we’d be happy to clarify further!

      The ExakTime Team

  15. Why would you need to know my browsing history and bookmarks? That is just so invasive. I am not going to allow my employer or you to see that. You probably sell it to ad companies. what are you doing with my private browsing data???

    1. Hi James,

      Your browsing history or bookmarks is not information that the ExakTime system collects.




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