What dictates a worker’s hours? Their schedule!

Time tracking and scheduling go hand in hand. That’s why ExakTime created our exciting and powerful new Scheduling tool.

Scheduling tell workers when to work—and sometimes tomorrow’s schedule needs to change as a result of yesterday’s hours actually worked. It only makes sense, then, to be able to manage employees’ schedules and hours in the same software.

How scheduling works in ExakTime

ExakTime’s Scheduling tool makes scheduling simple—while providing all the tools you need to follow through with employees and maintain oversight on the schedules you set.

Office admins or project managers with Scheduling permission simply go to “Schedules” drop-down menu in ExakTime’s cloud-based time tracking software and begin scheduling workers for upcoming shifts.

Shifts can be created by Location or Employee. Users can even drag and drop an employee name onto a certain day or time to create a shift. You can also create recurring shifts—shifts that repeat every day, every other day or every week—and add multiple workers to one shift or a series. (Need to edit one instance of a recurring shift? No problem.)

Our Scheduling feature makes editing or deleting shifts as easy as creating them, so you never have to worry about how many times you have to change an employee’s shift.

There is just one schedule per company, and those with access within your View Set will see what you see—so there’s no confusion about what’s on the books.

Employee view and alerts

A new Schedule tab in our mobile time tracking app allows workers to view their schedules anytime (with locations and cost codes). Those with access to ExakTime’s software can see or print their schedule from there.

Even better, alerts are completely customizable. Your workers can receive SMS texts, emails or both—up to you—alerting them to an upcoming shift up to an hour beforehand. Managers can also receive alerts in the case of a late worker, a clock-in at the wrong location or a no-show.

Put it on paper

For those who need a hard copy for review or sign-off purposes, simply click on the print icon in the upper right to print the schedule view currently open on your screen. In “My Schedule”, employees can also print out their schedule for the week.

To review schedules from the week prior or compare them to actual hours, look no further than our great Reports options.