ExakTime has built a stellar reputation for tracking and managing work crews in construction and other field based industries.

We are pleased to announce that you can now easily track everyone in your organization—from the office to the field—using our new ConnectClock feature.

ConnectClock allows users to clock in and out on any desktop, laptop or web-based device just the way you would with our app on your smartphone, or with our rugged clocks.

There are several benefits our online timesheet software provides. The obvious one is that your desk-based workers can track themselves in our system just as easily as those in the field, and you can manage all of their data in one system.

Another, related plus is that, when businesses track office and field workers alike, it takes away any sense of favoritism or mistrust field workers may have about a new digital time tracking system. You are all now on the same page, which helps onboarding run more smoothly.

Desktop users logged into ExakTime Connect now have the option to see a ConnectClock link right on their dashboard. Clicking on this will bring them to our familiar ‘Stop’ and ‘Go’ interface, for simple clock-in and clock-out.

Users can also choose cost codes from a drop-down menu, and easily change tasks throughout the day without clocking out and back in.

Hours tracked through ConnectClock flow into our digital time cards screen just like those in the field, and sync with payroll the same way.

Learn more about our free ConnectClock feature here—and give us a call today to make time tracking and payroll processing one seamless process for your whole team.