It is hard to be a small business owner.

You often are the first one there in the morning and the last one to leave each night. With your employees, you have to make sure that they are as dedicated as you are and that they make the best use of their talents.

This is especially true when you have a small number of employees who perform many tasks for you. These employees, like general contractors, will find themselves repairing a roof, fixing a toilet or landscaping, sometimes even on the same day!

How do you keep track of what your multi-talented employees are up to, especially when you bill differently for each job?

The ExakTime JobClock time tracking system uses a Keytab system that makes keeping track of your employee’s activities easier than you can imagine.

Employee simply touch Keytabs to the center of the JobClock to clock in and out. To punch in to a job, a worker touches a green Keytab and then they touch a red Keytab to punch out.

Each worker has their own tab to prevent issues such as buddy punching or inaccurate timekeeping.

Cost Code Management


Each employee can also use their set of color coded Keytabs to represent different cost codes.

The workers can, for instance, use a yellow Keytab when traveling or an orange Keytab for a roofing job.

Keeping these records separate helps make sure that you and your workers get paid the right amount for the work that is done. It also helps whoever is doing your payroll keep track of where your costs are and how much to bill your customers.

ExakTime’s wireless timekeeping devices can help your business protect its bottom line. Learn more today!