ExakTime offered a $1,000 scholarship this winter to the undergraduate or graduate student who had the most interesting ideas about the future of mobile time tracking.

The ExakTime scholarship essay question was as follows:

Time tracking has evolved dramatically in the last few years, moving from paper-based time cards to digital options. At ExakTime alone, we offer a time clock app, web-based time clock software, and rugged wireless time clocks that provide flexible time tracking for even the most complex workforce. But time tracking isn’t done evolving. As time tracking needs become more and more complex, so too will the solutions for them. As we look to the future, it’s important to predict how these needs will change.

If today’s companies use paper time cards or smartphone apps to track their employees’ work time in the office and out in the field, how do you think business will keep track of their employees’ time and activities in the future? Think big. Dream in colors. Write a detailed essay of 600-800 words that includes thoughtful examples.

Amanda Piggott of Plainfield, New Jersey turned in a thoughtful essay about how future time-tracking devices worn on workers’ bodies. She predicted that these devices will not only track their productivity, but also their biodata, revealing whether the individual is “up to the task” at hand, or would be better off taking a five or thirty-minute break to re-energize.

ExakTime will be sending Kean University a scholarship check toward Amanda’s Global MBA degree. We wish her well!