Even though The ExakTime System is the #1 time and attendance solution in construction, our products cater to many other outdoor, labor-intense industries.


Bell’s Melons realized they needed a new time attendance system for their seasonal business and switched to the ExakTime in 2007. Since, the owner, Terri Bell, has been able to accurately track her workers’ time and attendance in the farm fields and track what type of work activity they’re doing, such as detasseling seed corn or raising produce.

Commercial Construction

Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing relied on handwritten, paper time cards to track its employees until 2008 – when they turned to The ExakTime System to help their company simplify payroll management. Now, it only takes payroll managers 15 minutes each pay period to process payroll, and Alpha’s employees’ hours are accurate to the minute. Currently, Alpha uses more than 400 JobClocks on nearly all of its work sites.


Diamond-R-Electric was sick of its company’s method of tracking payroll and turned to ExakTime for help in 2007. Since using ExakTime’s mobile and portable solutions, the company has saved nearly $400 every payroll, seen more efficiency at the workplace and has made more accurate bids on new projects.


Don’s Custom Landscaping implemented The ExakTime System in 2006. Even though the owner, Don Dvornik, doesn’t describe himself as very “tech savvy”, the ExakTime tech department walked him through its time attendance software with ease. Dvornik says he’s never had a problem using the system and he couldn’t imagine going back to paper time cards.


Hospital Housekeeping Systems began implementing ExakTime’s JobClock/EX in 2007. Its staff was able to catch on right away, and the system tracked employees down to the minute, making payroll accurate and efficient.

Residential Construction

Jerry Stubbs Construction was having issues with its workers’ numbers matching up on paper time cards. Since implementing The ExakTime System in 2008, however, the system’s digital time and attendance records have helped reduce the company’s payroll costs and workers’ comp premiums by tracking labor hours and job activities in real-time.

School Transportation

It took two weeks for the payroll supervisor of the Raleigh County School District to process school bus drivers’ illegible paper time cards. Since 2007, The ExakTime System has streamlined the school district’s payroll processing time and reduced the district’s payroll expenses.

Snow Removal

Prestige Property Detailing can now track its Colorado snow removal crews anywhere with ExakTime’s remote time clocks. Every winter, the owner, Mike Brewer, stays warm in tropical Rarotonga Island, while his workers plow through snow. With The ExakTime System, he can access the attendance software remotely and review his workers’ time reports right on the beach.