In January, ExakTime announced the newest member of our JobClock family, the industry-changing JobClock Hornet.

This revolutionary wireless time clock has a few simple ways of communicating with you. Just check the lights on the front of your Hornet. Here’s a breakdown of what your unit is trying to tell you:

  • Battery Light

    • Solid Green – “I’m charged and ready to go!”
    • Solid Red – “I’m charging. I’ll be ready in no more than four hours.”
    • Alternating Green/Red – “My battery is getting low. Please plug me in.”
    • Flashing Red – “I don’t have enough battery to send records, but I can still collect.”
      • Note: The JobClock part of Hornet will continue to run on a separate battery if the Hornet battery is uncharged or unavailable. If the lights above the touch point are not blinking, your Hornet will not be able to collect records.
  • Alert Light

    • Off – “Everything is okay, nothing to worry about here.”
    • Flashing Orange – “I couldn’t send records last time I tried. I will try again in 10 minutes.”
  • Outbox Light

    • Off – “I don’t have any records to send.”
    • Flashing Orange – “I have records that I will send out within the next hour.”
    • Rapidly Flashing Orange – “I’m sending records right now, please wait to punch in until I am done.”
  • Signal Light

    • Off – “I don’t have a strong enough signal to send records or receive updates.”
    • Flashing Green – “I have a great signal!”
    • You also have a couple of ways of communicating directly with your Hornet by pressing the Manager’s button on the bottom of your unit.
    • Quick press – “Please send records now.”
    • Press and hold for 5 seconds – “Restart completely, then send records.”

The most important time to restart Hornet is any time you are moving it from one jobsite to another.

When Hornet restarts, one of the first things it does is reach out to the closest cellular tower and update its date and time information. This is particularly crucial if Hornet is being moved from one time zone to another. It will not lose any unsent records, and it will check to make sure that it can communicate via cellular signal from the new jobsite.