We have a winner for our Facebook Carhartt giveaway!

We asked Facebook users who work in construction or own a construction business what about working in construction makes them proud.

FUEL received so many great comments so we admit it was hard to pick one winner, but we had to. Our winning comment, from Chad Thomas Shears, was about how working for Habitat for Humanity got him into construction.

I started out building for Habitat for Humanity. Seeing kids’ and families’ faces that were less fortunate appreciate every single worker helping them with their dream: the happiness in their face kept me in the trade. Now I own my own company and still seeing homeowners or future homeowners with that excitement in their face gets me every time.
– Chad Thomas Shears

Since it was so hard to choose, we also chose five great runners-up. Here are their answers:

Helping people better their lives, giving someone a home to start a family is one of the best rewards. I built a home for a young couple on the family farm and then they started their building their own family right away. That home could get passed down for generations. In 30-40 years I want to revisit that home and listen to some of the stories that came out of it. I will always be grateful to that couple that trusted in me to build my first client built home. #proud #craftsmanshipmatters – Jason Collie

It makes me proud because when we show up on the job there is nothing but a foundation, and when we leave the skeleton of the building is up which you start envisioning the shape of it. It gives me so much pride to be a part of an awesome team (#mycoworkers) and build buildings in America! #Love being an Ironworker! – Matthew Land

Grandfather was a carpenter, so am I, so is my father in law, my brother in law. 4 year old son already has bags boots hammers and saws. It’s more than pride or tradition. It’s family. – Jedadiah Smith

I work with the best people on earth. We laugh together, care for one another and do some of the most dangerous and difficult work all while keeping each other safe. At the end of the day, it’s about the top shelf people I get to work with. – Matthew Ferguson

In the construction trades, we make something out of nothing. What once was a pile of dirt is now a beautiful building! Well crafted and ready for someone to use. – Garrison Miller

We’ll be reaching out to all our runners-up and sending them FUEL t-shirts—but even those were hard to pick. Thanks everyone for your participation, and keep working as hard as you do. #ConstructionProud