Whether you own an enterprise construction business, or are in a managerial role at one, you know the unique challenges companies with many moving parts face on a daily basis. From payroll to contract management to covering legal bases, a large company confronts a set of problems different than businesses in earlier stages of development do—and the technology solutions you choose need to address and solve these issues.

Our industry-leading workforce management solution has helped construction industry professionals better manage and track their mobile workforces for 20+ years. Here are 6 reasons why ExakTime’s award-winning solution is great for your enterprise construction business.

#1. Proven

ExakTime has a history of simplifying workforce management for large companies of 100 employees up to 5,000. From McGill to Swinerton to Latite Roofing, our clientele is made up of many industry leaders that have chosen ExakTime because of our proven track record of streamlining workflows, from employee clock-in to payroll.

When choosing which company will handle your employee time tracking, it’s important to determine whether or not the customers they’re currently servicing are similar to your own. Many time tracking solutions, while useful tools, lack the robust infrastructure needed to accommodate enterprise companies—and, instead, are better suited for freelancers and small businesses.

#2. Employee scheduling, tracking, and monitoring all in one place

Having a different software for each phase of a project or workflow can get tedious fast. With ExakTime, you’ll be able to schedule, track, and monitor your crews across all your job sites—all from an easy-to-use ExakTime Connect dashboard. Say goodbye to toggling between apps or running up multiple subscription fees.

With our solution, you can keep your workers accountable and productive every hour they’re on the clock.

Thanks to ExakTime’s scheduling feature, project managers can now easily schedule single or recurring shifts for workers and crews, making sure your processes are organized and optimized. You can also keep track of your workers in real-time with our GPS-powered Geofences, which can be customized for all your job sites.

With our solution, you can keep your workers accountable and productive every hour they’re on the clock.

#3. Easy integration

Jumping from one app or software to another can result in clunky workflows—which simply doesn’t work in construction, where margins are thin and good data is essential. ExakTime’s cloud-based software easily integrates with 90+ payroll and accounting software programs—including ADP, Sage, ViewPoint, Foundation and more—so that you payroll workflow is streamlined and your time is free to focus on maximizing the other data you’ve gathered. No matter what device, no matter what department, your real-time labor data and reports will be always at your company’s fingertips.

#4. Scales to your needs

Get a time tracking solution as dynamic as your enterprise company. Our world-class software is designed to scale to your needs as your company grows. Thanks to our cloud-based solution, onboarding new or seasonal workers on our smartphone app ExakTime Mobile is seamless. Managers can easily add, edit, or delete employees, cost codes, work shifts, and locations—all in our user-friendly dashboard. You can even monitor all clock-ins and other activity across numerous job sites with our live feed, SiteHub—so you really can be in multiple locations at once.

Managers can easily add, edit, or delete employees, cost codes, work shifts, and locations—all in our user-friendly dashboard.

#5. Helps you stay compliant

Staying compliant with the long list of federal, state, and local labor laws is crucial to maintaining a healthy bottom line. Run-ins with Uncle Sam can cost you big-time, both in time and money. With ExakTime’s 100% accurate labor data, mobile sign-off forms, and reliable payroll, auditors and lawyers are much less likely to come calling. From certified payroll to FLSA, we’ve got you covered.

#6. Robust reporting

ExakTime reporting allows your business to move with intention and foresight. With the click of a button, ExakTime can create over 40 robust executive summary and detail-oriented reports that can be filtered and customized to suit your needs, so you’ll always have the knowledge to make informed business decisions on the go.

From Employee to Location to Overtime data and trends,our instant reporting will provide you with fresh eyes and truly actionable insights you need to push your business forward.

Curious to learn more about all that ExakTime can do for your enterprise construction company? Get started by visiting our website here.