Confirm workers’ identities with PocketClock’s FaceFront Biometrics™ photo verification.

When a worker clocks in and out on PocketClock, the front camera of your mobile device will snap a photo. The FaceFront Biometrics photos will be sent back to your office and appear in TimeSummit with the attendance records.

FaceFront Biometrics

Verify workers in your office

Bookkeepers and payroll managers can view FaceFront Biometrics photos in real time using TimeSummit software. They can compare the FaceFront Biometrics photo to the master photo already in TimeSummit.

Protects employees & management

Accuracy protects everyone. Employees are guaranteed that others are not using their personal PINs. Management is protected against intentional buddy punching.

Easy validation for the bookkeeper

Your bookkeepers simply have to match the FaceFront Biometrics photo to their master photo in TimeSummit. Review individual records or the entire pay period at one time.

Bookkeeper validation

Better fit than typical biometrics

Dirty hands, lack of electricity and foul weather all prohibit use of traditional biometric devices in rough environments.

In addition, many unions object to the use of biometrics. FaceFront Biometrics is perfect for the outdoors. It confirms attendance while not forcing storage of a biometric identifier.

Runs on Apple’s and Android’s newest products

FaceFront Biometrics runs on all Apple and Android Smartphones and Tablets that have a front-facing camera lens.