Imagine having all of the payroll data you need right at your fingertips, instantly. For payroll and HR professionals working with dozens and even hundreds of employees at a time, this might sound too good to be true—but hear us out.

Having access to instantly generated time tracking reports reduces the tedious day-to-day work that comes with managing a large staff. With all employee records easily accessible in the cloud, digital payroll reports provide a more systematic method to the madness of employee management and internal business processes.

Streamlined Data, All in One Location

By using a streamlined payroll reporting solution, you’ll be able to gain more valuable insights that give you a better understanding of your workforce and business as a whole.

Other key advantages of online payroll reports include:

  • Informed Decision-Making – With quick access to essential payroll information for every employee on your team, you’ll be able to support all payroll decisions with accurate data that’s easy to interpret and report.
  • Compliant Reporting for All Employees – The larger the staff, the more complex payroll reporting becomes. Custom payroll reports can help simplify this process and ensure compliant payroll reporting for everyone on your team with no added cost.
  • Real-Time Data – Digital time tracking software allows you to view and access real-time data all in one centralized location. And with location and GPS reporting options like we offer at ExakTime, you’ll also be able to track personnel activity at specific job sites at any given time.
  • Historical Documentation – Having archived payroll data just a click away helps employers keep track of all payroll changes that have taken place throughout the company’s history. And more importantly, payroll-related changes and edits can even be broken down by individual employee so you can verify who made the change in question and view each employee’s payroll history.

If you’re serious about collecting data, keeping records and reporting accurate, compliant employee information, then online payroll reports are a must-have tool in your time tracking system.

The ExakTime Approach

Our time tracking software is specifically designed to optimize workforce management by documenting and reporting every detail in your company’s payroll.

The user-friendly interface allows you to dive in and get the precise information you need, including archived payroll-related edits, comparisons by date, individual and team payroll records and a wide range of useful reports.

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