Whether you’re the project manager of a construction business or the owner, keeping your crews organized, on time, and fully productive all while trying to grow your company can feel a lot like juggling hot potatoes. Whether intentional or by accident, late clock-ins, no-shows and missed shifts are all more common than we’d hope they would be from employees.

This is why we’ve added digital, cloud-based employee scheduling to our workforce management solution. Now, with ExakTime Scheduling, you can schedule your workers’ shifts, send alerts, monitor their schedules and track their actual hours. Apply cost codes to the shifts so the planned task for the shift is clear. You can also set recurring shifts for the same employee or crew, or drag and drop to quickly add an employee to an existing shift.

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At ExakTime, we believe time tracking and employee scheduling go hand in hand. Now, with our new feature, you can easily schedule, track, and manage your crews all in ExakTime Connect—from punch-in to payroll.

Here are 5 reasons why your construction or field service business needs ExakTime Scheduling.

#1.) Avoiding late clock-ins and no-shows

Whether intentional or unintentional, late clock-ins and no-shows are bound to happen at your job site. These can be costly, especially when project deadlines are approaching fast—a crew member who’s late or missing in action altogether can set you back when it comes to your bottom line.

With ExakTime Scheduling, you can finally put an end to mix-ups and miscommunications when it comes to employee shifts. With the ability to automatically send SMS and email notifications to workers to alert them of upcoming shifts, you’ll be able to always keep your workers accountable. You even have the option to have notifications sent to late employees as well.

Occasionally, employees simply forget they have an upcoming shift. This is particularly common in industries like construction and field services, where schedules tend to be less structured and regular than 9 to 5 jobs. Lastly, ExakTime Scheduling can save you from the hassle of constantly answering workers asking when their next shift is.

#2.) Getting rid of spreadsheets.

I think we can all agree that people who genuinely enjoy spreadsheets are few and far between. Whether you’re stuck filling out Excel sheets or paper schedules, the task quickly gets tedious and repetitive. With ExakTime Scheduling, you can now create, view and customize employee shifts through an easy-to-read, color-coded grid. All shifts will be entered under one of the custom cost codes you’ve created, which can be a specific task or a general category of work, and will show up coded with the color you chose for that cost code. You can schedule by location, employee or crew—giving you the flexibility to create a work calendar best fit for your organization.

Now, you’ll be able to log into ExakTime Connect and view the schedules for all your crews. No more toggling between spreadsheets and tabs on your browser.

#3.) Knowing who to schedule.

Avoid over-scheduling and under-scheduling members of your crew. With ExakTime Scheduling, you’ll be able to get a high-level overview of all your employee shifts, allowing you to see who to book for certain shifts and who to leave out. If you’ve ever worked a job with irregular hours and schedules, you know how frustrating it can be to get scheduled to work four late night shifts in a row, or not be scheduled to work at all. By keeping a balanced schedule for your workforce, your crew’s morale and productivity will both improve as a result.

#4.) Saving you tons of time.

By not having to worry about late clock-ins, shuffling between Excel spreadsheets, and knowing who to schedule and when, you’ll save time you can then apply to more important aspects of your business. With our cloud software, you’ll be able to easily improve your company’s overall efficiency from the the top down.

Here at ExakTime, we’re constantly working to improve our workforce management solution to accommodate our loyal customers. For 20+ years, we’ve helped construction professionals with our industry-leading time and attendance tracking. Based on the needs of our clients, we’ve added employee scheduling to help you run a tighter ship.

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