ExakTime’s time clocks offer many great solutions to help you manage your business more effectively, but our solutions offer more than just managerial benefits. Our clocks also have features that your workforce will appreciate.

No More Buddy Punching

When employees clock in for each other, it’s not just costing you money: it’s setting a bad example for other employees, and creating resentments. Using ExakTime Mobile’s FaceFront photo verification, you can eliminate the infamous practice of buddy punching for good.

While some employees might be unhappy about this change, honest employees will appreciate that other workers can no longer abuse the system and do less work for the same paycheck.

Simplified Process

Paper time cards are frustrating for both you and your employees. Not only do you have to decipher countless different types of handwriting (not to mention smudges), but your employees typically have to recall what they were doing days, if not weeks, ago.

It’s easy for mistakes to be made in this process, but ExakTime’s time clocks make clocking in as easy as a couple of clicks. With ExakTime Mobile, employees clock in with a four-digit pin and a tap on the ‘Go’ button, while with our rugged time clocks they simply use our green and red Keytabs. It takes just seconds, and there’s no more hassle of trying to remember times—and taking the time out to write it all down.

Completely Accurate Payroll

When you’re manually processing payroll for a large number of employees, there’s a decent chance you’re going to make a mistake somewhere. These mistakes can be costly and can lower the morale of your workforce, especially if you accidentally pay an employee less than they deserve.

With ExakTime, you can rest easy knowing that you’re collecting 100% accurate data for every single employee, no matter how big your staff is. When it comes to payroll time, you’ll have to-the-minute data for every single time your employees punched in or out, meaning they’re getting paid every penny they’ve earned.

Best of all, all of your time records can now be transferred to your accounting program in seconds—so your payroll person will be the happiest of all!