Feel like you’re getting ripped off? Tired of sloppy, handwritten paper time cards that can cost you thousands of dollars every year?

ExakTime is all about honesty, fairness and accountability.

Our complete time tracking system for small businesses allows you to keep accurate records of who’s doing what and where they’re doing it and makes it easy to track your costs, control liability and fully take advantage of the features in your accounting software.

Say goodbye to sloppy, handwritten paper time cards

Our time clocks are your first line of defense against inaccurate time attendance data and unnecessary labor costs. Great for companies with workforces on the go, one of our three outdoor time clocks is sure to be perfectly adapted to the time tracking and payroll management needs of your company.

  1. JobClock Hornet

    This completely wireless, rugged time clock automatically sends time records every hour to our Cloud Service, then to your office. That means no more long, expensive trips from your office to work sites to collect paper time cards. Hornet can track time and attendance anywhere, all you have to do is charge the unit every 21-days and place it at the work site.

  2. ExakTime Mobile

    This mobile time tracking app is designed to track crews on your Smartphone or Tablet and syncs records directly to our Cloud Service. Workers simply login with their unique PIN number and tap green to start tracking their hours and red to stop.

    ExakTime Mobile utilizes the power of 24 global positioning satellites, allowing you to set custom geofences and be notified when an employee clocks in or out outside of the designated area. Job activity reports validate whether or not your workers were at the correct location when they clocked in or out.

  3. JobClock/EX

    This battery-powered, all-weather time clock tracks work at difficult, remote locations and delivers 100% accurate time records, automating your payroll from time punch to paycheck. Workers simply touch a green Keytab to clock in and a red Keytab to clock out.

Reduce payroll processing time with TimeSummit and the Cloud

TimeSummit is our time tracking software that pairs perfectly with all three of our time clocks to create a complete, seamless time and attendance hub in your office.

TimeSummit securely syncs with our Cloud Service and stores your time and attendance records, then shares that data with the payroll software you’re already using.

The complete ExakTime system makes it easy for any-size business to accurately track labor, process payroll, stay compliant with state wage and hour laws, eliminate double data entry and pay only for hours worked.

Want to learn more about what the ExakTime system can offer your business? Get in touch with us!