Since its release earlier this year, JobClock Hornet, the first completely wireless time clock, has been turning a lot of heads. Here’s why critics and users alike are singing JobClock Hornet’s praises.

A Time Attendance Clock That’s Built To Last

JobClock Hornet was built with its users’ environments in mind.

Construction is a field that demands toughness from workers and the equipment they use on a daily basis. Why would the rules be any different for their time attendance clock?

JobClock Hornet is constructed to withstand any outdoor elements. It’s impact resistant and tough ABS thermoplastic housing creates a time clock that can take a beating.

Whether it’s being used in the sweltering heat or bone chilling ice and snow, JobClock Hornet can withstand any outdoor punishment.

A Wireless Time Clock That’s Accurate And Easy To Use

Paper time cards are often fraught with errors and easily misinterpreted. These errors cost your business thousands in wasted payroll expenses every year.

JobClock Hornet is easy for your employees to use and ensures you get accurate time and attendance records every time.

Traditional punch clocks don’t give you all the information you need to more effectively manage your business. JobClock Hornet doesn’t just record time attendance data; it reports the data back to your office every hour, on the hour.

Stay informed of which workers are on site, track unlimited cost codes or be notified when an employee is approaching overtime. More accurate and immediate information helps you make better informed and timely business decisions.

Completely Portable Time And Attendance Tracking

Distant and varied worksites are the norm in the construction industry, making JobClock Hornet’s wireless and portable design ideal.

Whether your workers are 1 mile or 100 miles from the central office, JobClock Hornet gets your critical time and attendance data from distant worksites to your office on time, every time.

Don’t worry about constantly recharging its battery either. JobClock Hornet comes with a 30-day rechargeable battery.

Seamless Data Transfer Makes Payroll Management a Breeze

Forget about ever having to collect paper time cards or manually load data onto an office computer yourself. JobClock Hornet transfers time and attendance data to your office and into our employee attendance software, TimeSummit, every hour automatically.

Getting time and attendance data to your office in near real-time allows your bookkeeper to confirm and prepare payroll throughout the course of the week. No more rushing to sort out payroll on Friday.

Want to learn more about JobClock Hornet or one of our other time and attendance systems? Get in touch with us.