Our wireless time clock, JobClock Hornet, is more than just a rugged, construction site-ready time tracking device. It’s also a vital component of a more effective overall payroll management system.

Automated Payroll Management Eliminates Human Error

Human beings make mistakes, it’s unavoidable. It’s difficult for even the most talented bookkeeper to keep track of all your employees, the hours they worked and their varying pay rates with 100% accuracy.

JobClock Hornet works seamlessly with our time and attendance software, TimeSummit, to make 100% accurate time attendance records a reality.

With old-fashioned paper time cards, bookkeepers must add up all the numbers by hand and then enter that data into your payroll software. It’s time consuming and also allows for errors at several points in the process.

JobClock Hornet wirelessly exports the time and attendance records it collects into TimeSummit every hour automatically, eliminating the data entry process all together.

Saves Time And Money

Not only does JobClock Hornet eliminate buddy punching and employees inflating their hours, the fact it sends time records to your office every hour makes payroll processing so much more manageable.

First off, you’ll no longer have to waste time and gas sending someone out to your various job sites to collect paper time cards.

Secondly, your bookkeeper can now verify time and attendance records and process payroll throughout the week.

Converting your payroll processing from one large-scale end of the week task into several smaller scale chunks reduces errors and actually speeds up the process.

Monitor Your Work Sites In Near Real-Time

Effective payroll management is so much more than simply tracking the hours your employees are on the job and then cutting them the corresponding paycheck. A highly efficient payroll management system should also give you additional information you can use to make informed business decisions.

Hornet allows you to know who’s at the job site and who’s not in near real-time, so you can take action quicker. It also notifies you when an employee is about to reach overtime.

Finally, wireless communication means you can check in with your supervisors and workers more often. More timely communication means you’ll have a clearer and more up to date picture of the work being done at each of your job sites than ever before.

Want to learn more about JobClock Hornet and how it can improve your payroll management system? Ask us!