It seems like just about everything is wireless now. Many things that have become wireless have done so for convenience. For example, telephones went wireless (i.e. cordless) for convenience, but it did not necessarily improve the quality of the call. Luckily ExakTime’s take on cord-cutting is both convenient and improves the user experience by eliminating the collection of time records in the field.

How We’ve Changed Employee Time Tracking

For the longest time the field service industries relied only on hand-written paper time cards to track employee hours. Many still don’t even question it, it’s just the way it is because that is what everybody is used to. But that method is riddled with wasted time—and frequent errors and hour-rounding that cost businesses significant sums of money annually.

ExakTime’s take on wireless includes both the JobClock Hornet and ExakTime Mobile—a time clock app for smartphones and tablets.

Each of them offers their own unique advantages, including a rugged time clock that acts as a resilient fixture at the roughest construction sites in any weather, to an app that allows employees or supervisors to clock in from their own phones. Each lets you wirelessly deliver records and cost codes to the office, while ExakTime Mobile offers added value with photo ID verification, GPS tracking, project notes, photo updates, and more. Time cards are accurate, and no one has to drive out to another job site to collect time records.

An Easy Time Clock App Adds Convenience

Beyond the ease of wireless delivery, there are other benefits to switching from paper time cards to a wireless solution that also help you save money, particularly when that is a user-friendly time clock app. For example, two key security features stamp out buddy-punching: GPS geofences and photo ID confirmation.

Check out these case studies by real customers that show how ExakTime has helped their business—and contact us today so we can revolutionize your payroll.