Wireless time tracking is accurate and efficient

What makes pen and paper time tracking a real time drain, you ask?
First, for a system like this to work, employees must remember the times they worked and then jot them down at the end of the week.

Not only does this process require a terrific memory, it’s also one that leads to highly inaccurate records.

These inaccuracies, whether caused by simple forgetfulness or actual dishonesty, can end up costing your company hundreds, even thousands of dollars in unnecessary payroll costs every pay period.

An automated wireless time clock, like JobClock Hornet, provides 100% accurate, digital records while making the whole time tracking and payroll management process more efficient and cost-effective.

Organize your time and attendance data in new ways

Time tracking on the employee end is just one part of the overall payroll management process. Once you have that data in hand, it now becomes the job of the bookkeeper to collect, verify and organize the data for payroll processing.

With handwritten paper time cards, this is a long, inefficient and error-prone process. It’s even harder if you want your bookkeeper to get more granular with the data by looking at specific job sites or job tasks.

Automated time and attendance tracking systems allow much of the organizational process to be built into the system, allowing your bookkeeper to concentrate on more pressing or unique tasks. ExakTime’s back end time clock software, TimeSummit, organized your data into more than 40 unique reports that break the data down into any number of special categories for closer, more granular analysis.

The data Hornet collects at the job site is automatically sent to TimeSummit wirelessly every hour, eliminating wasteful, time consuming trips to the job site to collect paper time cards.

Payroll processing made easy

Once your time and attendance data is verified and organized, it needs to be entered into your payroll software. With a pen and paper system, this process has to be done manually.

Again, manually data entry is a long and error-prone process. Time cards can be difficult to read and when entering a massive amount of data into the system, it’s easy for a few wrong keystrokes to lead to inaccuracies.

The ExakTime System streamlines this process and makes it far more accurate by employing our SyncLinx and AccountLinx payroll management software.

SyncLinx makes setting up your new ExakTime system easy by allowing you to import all your employees, job activities and locations from your payroll software system into TimeSummit.

AccountLinx handles the job from there, exporting your time records from TimeSummit back into your payroll software.

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