The days of pen and paper time tracking and payroll processing are long over. IfWireless Time Clock yourbusiness is still employing this outdated method, you’re missing out on a chance to boost your bottom line.

Implementing an automated time attendance system like our wireless time clock, JobClock Hornet, will not only save you money. It will also confer significant benefits to workers at every level of your business.


While JobClock Hornet will put an end to dishonest employee’s inflating their hours or buddy punching, it will benefit your honest employees greatly.

First and foremost, it will make tracking their time a much quicker, easier and more accurate process, allowing your employees to focus on their work and not tracking the time they spend doing it.

No more trying to remember and add up hours at the end of the week. They’ll also no longer have to worry about their handwritten time and attendance data being misread by a bookkeeper. Now, they’ll be certain that they’re being paid accurately and fairly each and every time, reducing possible disputes over pay and increasing overall accountability.


Your bookkeeper is sure to thank you for modernizing your time and attendance system.

Manual payroll processing is a stressful, time consuming and error-prone process. A system in which your bookkeeper must scramble at the end of each payroll period to gather, verify and calculate time and attendance data is an inefficient one.

Our complete time and attendance system streamlines the payroll process from start toTime Clock Software finish, eliminating errors and reducing the time your bookkeeper spends on payroll by up to 92%.

JobClock Hornet automatically sends the time and attendance records it collects into our time attendance software, TimeSummit, every hour. This eliminates the need to physically travel to work sites to collect paper time cards and allows bookkeepers to process payroll in more manageable increments throughout the week.

Once the data is in TimeSummit, it can be verified and then exported almost instantly to your payroll package using AccountLinx, eliminating the errors associated with manual data entry.


An automated time and attendance system isn’t just beneficial because it saves you money on payroll; it also gives you a clearer picture of your business to help you make more profitable decisions down the road.

Because JobClock Hornet sends data into TimeSummit every hour, contractors can see who is at the jobsite and who is not in near-real time, allowing you to respond to changes on the ground more rapidly.

It also allows you track an unlimited number of cost codes. Now you can see what tasks employees are completing, how long they’re taking and what they’re costing-the invaluable data you need to make the big decisions that will boost your bottom line.

Want to know more about how wireless time tracking can benefit every aspect of your business? Just ask!