Significantly reduce data entry time

Nobody is perfect and mistakes are bound to happen from time to time. The key is trying to limit those mistakes and identify and rectify the mistakes that do happen.

Processing payroll is no exception.

It’s impossible to expect your bookkeeper to keep track of all your employees’ hours and differing pay rates without an error from time to time. Unfortunately, even isolated manual data entry errors can end up costing you a lot of money.

One of JobClock Hornet’s biggest benefits is that it nearly eliminates the lengthy and imprecise manual data entry process.

By automatically and wirelessly sending the records it collects to our time clock software, TimeSummit, data entry is cut out almost entirely. Our AccountLinx software even allows you to wirelessly export the data collected to your payroll package, making payroll processing a breeze.

Prevent buddy punching, hour inflation and other methods of time theft

Eliminating manual data entry doesn’t mean much if the attendance data you’re collecting isn’t accurate. Having your employees keep track of their time with pen and paper is an invitation to abuse the system.

While most employees are honest, a few bad eggs can pose a real threat to your bottom line. Whether it be budding punching, time theft or hour inflation, inaccurate time and attendance records cost you money.

JobClock Hornet offers a solution by automating the time and attendance tracking process and eliminating the opportunity for dishonest employees to game the system.

Employees simply punch in with their designated Keytab. Records are stored digitally, so they can only be altered by those with permission.

Save time by eliminating time card collection

Paper time cards are a physical item, meaning someone needs to physically go to the job site to collect them. That’s pretty intuitive, but what isn’t, is just how much time and money an inefficient system like this actually costs.

Manually collecting time cards requires your bookkeeper or other personnel to visit the job site, often multiple times a week. Depending on how far your job site is from the central office, that means using a lot of gas – an unnecessary expense.

Multiply the same process over multiple job sites and the problem is amplified.

JobClock Hornet sends the time and attendance records it collects to TimeSummit in your home office every hour, wirelessly, eliminating the need for your bookkeeper to waste time making long and costly trips from the central office to multiple job sites.

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