Thousands of businesses use our ExakTime Mobile app to manage their workforce and track time. There are about 25,000 current ExakTime Mobile users—and that number is growing every day as smartphones and tablets, mobile time tracking apps, and apps in general become more and more popular.

It’s always interesting for us to see which of our great workforce management tools our growing base of ExakTime Mobile customers is taking advantage of.

A couple of cool ExakTime Mobile features that improve workforce management for our customers by making time and labor tracking easier and more efficient are Field Notes and cost code tracking.

Secure & Convenient Updates From the Field

Field Notes allows users to create updates in the field about existing site conditions, supply needs or changes, or equipment alerts using text, photos and audio recordings—and send them back at the office for later review.

Just to give you an idea, a licensed ExakTime Mobile user sends multiple Field Notes on average over the course of the year. In 2014 this added up to many thousands sent. We like knowing that Field Notes are being used every day in an effort to create a more smoothly-running operation—with better, more secure records of what’s happening in the field.

Proper Job Costing On the Go

As for cost code tracking, this lets users of any one of ExakTime’s three powerful time tracking solutions to not only record an employee’s hours, but to break those hours down by specific activity. This is useful for paying employees properly as well as for budgeting and estimating purposes. With our clocks, cost codes are tracked with different-colored Keytabs or our Fasttrakker, whereas ExakTime Mobile users are prompted to select from the cost codes you’ve created in our software at the time of clock-in.

You might be in the field when you realize you need a cost code so you can track how many of your guys did a new activity and for how long—and with EakTime Mobile you can create one on the spot.

Let’s say a new job requires an activity that your company hasn’t done before, i.e. installing crown moulding, or—for a landscaper who usually rolls out sod all day—putting in a drip irrigation system. With ExakTime Mobile, users with permission can create those new cost codes on the fly. During 2014, some 2,109 users created a new cost code on the go in ExakTime Mobile.

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