Mobile time clocks are the perfect solution for electrical contracting businesses searching for more illuminating workforce management solutions. If you want to streamline your payroll, more effectively direct your workers and see your profit margins soar, implementing ExakTime’s time and attendance systems is a good place to start.

Time Tracking On the Go

Your employees are spread out over numerous jobsites and those jobsites change frequently. That makes having a workforce management tracker that goes where your workers go essential. Our mobile time clocks offer mobility without sacrificing quality and dependability.

Paper time and attendance records lend themselves to inaccuracy, are difficult to interpret and harder to effectively organize. Our mobile time clocks remove the guess work. Easily categorized and accurate electronically stored data means vehicles aren’t incurring operational costs when they’re not in use and employees aren’t being paid when they’re not on the job. That translates into a healthier bottom line.

Best of all, their simple user interface makes them easy for workers to use. Features like FaceFront biometrics and the ability to set geofences ensure accuracy and, more importantly, that your mobile workers are where they need to be when they need to be. Whether you’re using our PocketClock on a mobile device or our rugged, portable JobClock, our time tracking products are perfectly suited for a mobile workforce just like yours.

Workforce Management: Quick And Accurate Cost Coding

Any electrical contractor knows the importance of accurate job costing. When you’re trying to come up with an estimate for a potential client and establish a defined budget our easy to use job costing features make the process smoother and more precise. Creating and tracking cost codes will help your business run a more detailed workforce management system.

FastTrakker pairs perfectly with our JobClock to track up to 1,000 different user created cost codes. Workers simply scroll through your different cost codes until they find the one they’re looking for, select it and touch the device to the JobClock to begin tracking the activity. Cost coding gives you the accurate time data you need from past jobs to competitively bid on new ones in the future.

Seamlessly Manage Your Equipment

Next to paying workers, equipment and the cost of operating it is probably your biggest expense. Having the clearest picture possible of when and where that equipment is being used will help you cost-effectively allocate your resources. Our time tracking software paints that picture for you.

TimeSummit generates reports that let you know which employees are using what equipment, plus when and where they’re using it. Equipment Guesstimator provides an estimate of the total cost of equipment based on the amount of use and its hourly price rate. It all adds up to more confident, profitable business decisions that will have your electrical contracting business running like a well-oiled machine.

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