The ExakTime Schedules module was created in order to help you better manage crews and make your job sites as productive as possible. With it, you’re able to keep workers on task and projects organized and to track whether employees are showing up when they’re scheduled. As we continue to expand upon ExakTime Schedules, we are always listening closely to our loyal customers to ensure we’re delivering the best product on the market.

With the latest addition now available to all ExakTime Mobile users, you asked and we responded. A number of ExakTime customers, many who are managing and monitoring multiple crews day after day, explained how employees were occasionally clocking in to the wrong location at the start of their shifts. This is mainly because workers needed to remember their location and cost code for the shift after they exited out of the schedule screen—which can be challenging for traveling workers regularly hopping from one job site to the next.

If this occurred, the manager or admin responsible would need to make the corrections manually before processing payroll. Now, with Clock In to Schedules, you’ll never need to worry about wrong time punches again.

Clock In to Schedules means faster clock-in, smoother workflows and more productive job sites.

What Is Clock In to Schedules?

ExakTime’s Clock In to Schedules is a permission-based feature available in our cloud software, ExakTime Connect. An employee who is scheduled to work a shift at a certain location will see the option to clock in for that specific shift in Schedules—and can clock in with one click directly from their Schedules screen. No location or cost code are needed. This means faster clock-in, smoother workflows and more productive job sites.

Clock In to Schedules

How to Enable It

Clock In to Schedules are scheduled to be released the week of October 14th. To access and enable this new feature of Schedules, simply login to ExakTime Connect and navigate to the Manage tab. From the dropdown menu under Security settings, select the tickmark titled, “Clock into my schedule”. From there, you can filter out which employees to grant permission, based on upcoming shifts, recent shifts and other viewsets. Once you enable this, your employees will be able to access Clock In to Schedules on their next scheduled shift.

Even more updates!

There are a few other upgrades that will roll out with the Clock In to Schedules software update. For one, all schedules will now be available offline—enabling employees to clock in, clock out, check hours and view schedules even in the most remote locations. Users will also have the option of rendering allb text and prompts on their Schedules screen to match the language in their settings—whether the employee’s preferred language is English, French or Spanish.

Do you require employees to use FaceFront when clocking in to ExakTime? With the new Schedules update, whenever employees clock in to a job site that has poor lighting, their smartphone camera will automatically flash when snapping a photo—giving you a clear picture of workers as they clock in, no matter the environment.

For 20+ years, ExakTime has helped industry professionals in construction and field services better manage their mobile workforces. Continuing to refine and improve the ExakTime Schedules feature is another example of our continual focus on our loyal customers.