Our PocketClock/GPS mobile app for Smartphones puts the power of global positioning in the palm of your hand.

Want access to and accountability from your employees at all times, at all jobsites? PocketClock’s GPS capabilities make that dream a reality.

Accurate Time & Attendance Tracking Saves You Money

Have you ever suspected that you’re paying for more time than your employees actually worked? It happens to every business owner. Paper time cards lend themselves to time theft.

Our electronically stored time and attendance records don’t allow employees to forge or alter records in their favor because GPS verification prevents them from getting around the system.

PocketClock/GPS lets you know exactly when and where an employee clocked in or out. That means employees can’t misleadingly clock out off-site after leaving to inflate their hours. More accurate time and attendance records save you thousands in payroll.

Plus, our GPS system is easy to use and set-up takes only minutes. Once your PocketClock/GPS is running on your Smartphone, you have the power of 30 global positioning satellites in the palm of your hand, tracking your crews anywhere.

A Virtual Foreman In The Field

In trades like construction, workers are spread out over multiple, often distant work sites. PocketClock and its GPS function are like virtual foremen in the field, ensuring your employees are onsite and on task.

PocketClock/GPS gives you complete, 100% accurate maps and reports detailing where your employees are when they clock-in and clock-out. Now, you can be confident that employees are at the work sites they need to be, when they need to be.

If they’re not, you’ll have the information you need to take action.

PocketClock even allows you to set custom GeoFences. Simply set the coordinates you want to monitor, and PocketClock reports back to you when an employee strays from this designated location when clocking in or out.

Great Time Clocks For Small Business

PocketClock/GPS’ capabilities give you a bird’s eye view of each and every worksite. More accurate data doesn’t just save you money on payroll.

It gives you the nuanced, comprehensive picture you need to make more profitable decisions for your business.

It’s not just about saving money; it’s about using those savings to help your business grow.

And if you’re not in need of the GPS functionality of the PocketClock, look around our site to find the perfect time and attendance system for your business.

To learn more about ExakTime and how we can help your business get on the right track to reach its goals, contact us.