Employee Time Card
Approvals with Signature

ExakTime Mobile Feature

In-app Time Card Approval

With ExakTime’s employee time card approvals, employees can clock in, review their time, and approve their time cards—right from our mobile app!

Digital time cards with signature are the most convenient way for business administrators and owners to ensure that employees have seen and agreed to their time card hours prior to payroll processing.

Companies may choose to:

Only display a message
Capture a signature (after employee taps APPROVE)
Display message and capture signature (after employee taps APPROVE)

Review, Sign, Approve in a Few Taps—No More Disputes

Workers are more likely to adopt digital time tracking if they can see their hours.

Our Elapsed Time feature and Mobile Time Cards enable employees to view their hours worked, whether so far today or three weeks ago.

Now, with Employee Time Card Approvals, your staff can start processing payroll with confidence because they’ll know when workers have reviewed and approved their time cards for a completed pay period.

Employee Time Card Approvals with Signature:

  • Allow employees to review a total or breakdown of Regular, Overtime and Overtime 2 hours for a completed pay period
  • Prompt employees to approve hours with either a simple tap or a signature and tap
  • Allow you to add an "acknowledge" message before approval for an extra layer of compliance
  • Indicate to workers when there are exceptions (i.e. incomplete or unresolved information in their time cards)
  • Option to prevent workers from approving if there are exceptions

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