Enterprise Time Tracking

ExakTime scales to your needs.

Big businesses face bigger challenges. ExakTime simplifies workforce management for companies with 100 to 5,000+ employees with enterprise time and attendance software.

We understand the challenges large companies face when tracking employees. It can be hard to shift from the status quo: error-filled paper time cards, or an enterprise software stack crowded with unnecessary features. But it’s time to make the change to simplified enterprise time tracking plus more efficient labor cost tracking and compliance.

Once you choose ExakTime for your time and labor tracking needs, we’ll support you at every step. You’ll see such a marked improvement in your enterprise employee scheduling and reporting that you won’t know how you managed without us.

Easy integration with your enterprise software stack? Check.

Your business needs a time tracking solution that syncs easily with your accounting software. ExakTime has you covered. Our enterprise time and attendance software fully integrates with over 90 accounting programs, for more accurate and efficient payroll.

Join over 7,500 companies now saving with ExakTime.

“With ExakTime, we can focus on the things that matter.”

Latite Roofing
Pompano Beach, FL
400 employees

Minimized risk? Check.

An ExakTime solution lets you track workers accurately, ensuring you are paying for regular and overtime hours with ironclad precision. Review historical data anytime with our robust reporting feature.

A smooth transition to a new enterprise time and attendance solution every step of the way.

Our team of talented developers and project managers will work with you through the onboarding and adoption stages, ensuring that training throughout your organization is successful—and that the functionality of our enterprise employee scheduling solution matches your needs.

Drag and drop your locations, job sites, crews, and more to configure a time tracking solution that works for you.

Our convenient mobile forms for daily employee sign-off can be tailored to your biggest compliance questions. Check responses in our cloud software or print a report.

We are experts at building bridges to payroll software and can map to all necessary fields so that you have total agreement between the systems.

What they have to say.

Our enterprise customers are actively using our enterprise tracking solution to track 100 to 10,000 workers per day. These are their words.

“Our employees are split among three divisions. I can download all of the hours and upload them to ADP in a matter of minutes.”

Lindsey Talmadge, Sunenergy1,
Mooresville, NC

“We’re firm believers in ExakTime. We’ve got people logging time at 25 locations who need to be GPS monitored. We have reporting on what’s being done, where, and who’s doing it. We rely on that every day.”

Blake Berke, McGill Restoration,
Omaha, NE

“Now I can go into ExakTime whenever I want to see where workers are and if they clocked in on site. It’s a huge time-saver.”

- Laurie Saul Inglis,
Advantage Flooring, Hanover, MD