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How much will it cost you to pick up paper time cards this year?

ExakTime solutions not only automate your labor tracking and payroll processing, they also eliminate drive-time spent picking up or delivering paper time cards. Use the calculator below to see how much you could save in fuel, wages, and time.

Gallons Wasted

This is the gallons of fuel your company wastes sending an employee out to pick up paper time cards from all of your job sites. The estimated fuel economy of a 2013 Standard Pickup Truck is 15 MPG, according to www.fueleconomy.gov.

Fuel Dollars Wasted

Save this amount yearly by eliminating fuel wasted picking up and delivering handwritten, paper time cards. Calculation is based on a fixed cost of $2.30 per gallon*.

Drive/Collection Time Wasted

Your employees waste countless hours driving out to each of your job sites just to pick up paper time cards. And it’s not just drive-time they waste. It takes them an average of 30 minutes to collect the time cards and get back to their vehicle. Your employees waste this many hours collecting time cards.

Salary Wasted

That means you’re spending thousands of dollars annually for an employee simply to drive and collect paper time cards—a huge waste of money that’s hurting your bottom line. Instead, that salary should be spent on employee’s real responsibilities, like payroll processing, invoicing or bookkeeping.

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