ExakTime Hardware Warranty

The following products are warranted for one year and can be further protected under ExakCare Shield support: 

  • JobClock Hornet 
  • JobClock/EX 
  • JobClock/LE 
  • Keytab Reader 

Arcoro will replace or repair, at our option, any of the above items that fail to perform their intended function. We cover ground shipping costs in the U.S. for replacement items being sent out. This coverage is valid as long as you follow Arcoro’s instructions with respect to installation, usage, cleaning and maintenance. 

What’s Covered? 

Arcoro will replace or repair, at our option, any of the above items that fail to perform their intended function, including: 

  • All time and attendance recording and downloading functions 
  • Audio and visual indicators 
  • Gaskets, seals and weatherproofing 
  • Bluetooth radio 

What’s Not Covered? 

  • Accidents, alterations, misuse, vandalism, lost keys or theft. Any modification of the hardware voids this warranty. 
  • Cosmetic issues, such as color changes due to weather, salt air, or chemicals 
  • Batteries. 

What Cannot Be Returned? 

  • Custom software development is non-refundable. 


ExakCare Shield Extended Warranty  

The optional add-on ExakCare Shield extends the original 1-year warranty for an additional year if it is purchased with each year’s renewal of services. The same coverage as is listed above applies. 

Other Warranty Coverage 

All mobile devices and accessories are warranted through their respective manufacturers.  

The Fine Print 

ExakTime Hardware Warranty and ExakCare Shield are non-transferable. Classic JobClocks are not eligible for ExakCare Shield. You are responsible for shipping the product to Arcoro. Arcoro will cover the outbound ground shipping for the replacement unit. If it is determined the problem is not covered under the terms or there is a “no problem found” diagnosis, you will be responsible for any related charges. Replacement or repair is at Arcoro’s discretion. 


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