Construction Time Tracking

Making Payroll for Construction Businesses Easier

If you own or operate a construction business, you know every dollar and every minute counts. Without effective management, streamlined processes, accurate labor data and a highly productive workforce, you’ll always leave profits on the table.

With time tracking software like ExakTime, you’ll know exactly when and where your crews worked and for how long—leading to better management across the board. By relying on 100% accurate data as opposed to outdated paper time cards, you can keep profits high and headaches low.

ExakTime Construction Time Clock App: Benefits & Features

  • GPS Tracking: Monitor employee location data for traveling workers or crews on the job site with our construction time card app. Get breadcrumbing data in real time on employee location and speed of travel any time they’re on the job—with very little data usage, and no tracking off the clock.
  • Photo ID Capture: Put an end to buddy-punching for good. The ExakTime mobile app uses your device’s front-facing camera to snap a photo of each worker when they clock in and out—confirming the right person is punching in to the right job site.
  • Easy Clock In: With our construction timesheet app, employees can clock in to locations and cost codes with a couple taps. Using their own device, workers click green to start and red to clock out. We pride ourselves in our app being as powerful as it is user-friendly—increasing productivity and user adoption across your construction sites.

Cloud-Based Construction Software

With our cloud-based software, your password-protected data is available across a variety of devices. Access ExakTime’s construction time clock from anywhere on any computer, tablet or smartphone (iPhone or Android). Our 100% secure cloud server keeps your data safe from computer crashes by automatically saving it as workers clock in and out.

Portable time clocks for construction

Track time in the harshest environments with ExakTime’s construction site time clocks. The JobClock Hornet and JobClock/LE have military grade housing and long lasting battery life. Employees clock in and out with the touch a keytab. All labor data is securely stored and automatically delivered to the cloud. ExakTime’s rugged job clocks are conveniently wireless, reliably rugged and as tough as the crews they serve.


For construction projects, scheduling and time tracking go hand in hand. Keep your employees organized, on time and in the right place by setting up single and recurring shifts with ExakTime’s Scheduling feature. With it, workers will see the date, location, time range and cost code for their upcoming shifts directly on their mobile app.


With our industry-leading workforce management solution, you’ll have access to over 40 types of robust reports at your fingertips, so you can make data-driven business decisions on the go. Whether you want instant access to reporting by Employee, Location, or Overtime—ExakTime will provide you with actionable data to push your business forward and keep your clients informed.


Your forms, hours and timesheets are stored digitally, ensuring easy compliance. ExakTime stores accurate data on employee hours, rates and overtime and supports certified payroll jobs, so that your payroll is always on target and you have digital records to prove it. ExakTime also asks workers key compliance questions at clock-out, keeping your legal bases covered.

Streamlined payroll

ExakTime makes payroll for construction businesses easier than ever. Our workforce management solution integrates with 90+ payroll and accounting software brands—and shares data back and forth, so you don’t have to re-enter any information during payroll processing.

Thomas Perno, ExakTime Customer and Owner of Long Island Concrete

“ExakTime saves my foremen valuable time, and we also save on payroll. It's a great workforce management tool.”

Thomas Perno, Owner
Long Island Concrete

Track & Manage Payroll

Time punches, overtime, breaks and more are tracked and stored for secure access and syncing with your accounting package—simplifying payroll, supporting compliance and eliminating illegible timesheets.

Reduce Travel Time & Fuel Expenses

No more physical contractor timesheets to fill out or having to drive out to collect them. Contractors and supervisors can review hours, job costing and other site data anytime, from anywhere.

Document Compliance

With our timesheet app, workers can fill out mobile forms in the field to document their safety. Forms, hours and timesheets are stored digitally, ensuring easy compliance.

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