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Construction Time Tracking

Making Payroll for Construction Businesses Easier

It doesn’t matter if you have five employees or five-thousand: it can be difficult to track workers and jobs across town or across the country. But work site progress, job costing and payroll all require close management to ensure growth and profit.

One of the most common issues facing the construction industry is illegible time cards. Rough conditions and dirty hands can lead to smudges or even just omitted information altogether, leading to major headaches for your HR department.

Contractors from concrete to electrical to roofing need a rugged time clock or time card app that lets workers and crews track themselves, rather than relying on HR or business owners with myriad responsibilities beyond attendance. Easy, accurate job costing is also essential as it allows for fair pay and smart budgeting.

Our time clock software’s time card summary screens, bulk data entry, and powerful reports provide construction with the best cloud-based solution for anytime, anywhere workforce management.

Accurate time and activity tracking with GPS traceability is accessible in real time by anyone with permission—from supervisors, to CEOs, to payroll personnel. We also offer easy ways to help you complete certified payroll and stay compliant.

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Thomas Perno, ExakTime Customer and Owner of Long Island Concrete

“ExakTime saves my foremen valuable time, and we also save on payroll. It's a great workforce management tool.”

Thomas Perno, Owner
Long Island Concrete

Track & Manage Payroll

Time punches, overtime, breaks and more are digitally tracked and stored for secure access and syncing with your accounting package—simplifying payroll, supporting compliance and doing away with illegible construction time cards.

Reduce Travel Time & Fuel Expenses

No more physical contractor timesheets to fill out or having to drive out to collect them. Contractors and supervisors can review hours, job costing and other site data anytime, from anywhere.

Document Compliance

Workers can fill out mobile forms in the field to document their safety. Forms, hours and timesheets are stored digitally, ensuring easy compliance.

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We tailor our time tracking solutions to customers’ needs, so pricing varies. Please fill out our form and we’ll contact you shortly to discuss a quote.

We save this roofing company $8,000 every payroll.

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The ExakTime Solution

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Workforce management software in the cloud

Time Clock App

Powerful labor tracking on your mobile device

Rugged Time Clocks

Rugged time tracking, wireless data delivery

Payroll Syncing

Easy syncing, even easier payroll