Field Services Time Tracking

The number of businesses that fit into “field services” is growing daily. Pest control, cable installers, meter readers, and a wide range of installation, delivery and repair services must all find a way to efficiently manage a mobile workforce.

Service representatives are on the move and often visit several job sites in a day. Monitoring when they come and go, and when they are working on what task, can be tricky at best.

With our web-based time clock software you can let individuals track themselves, group crews by supervisor or cost code, gather GPS-traceable time punches, track job duration, travel time and more. Real time data and 20+ essential reports are just a click away, providing essential information to help your company stay profitable.

Plus, our QuickBooks-compatible time tracking app makes payroll a breeze (and it syncs with other payroll providers, too!).

Chuck Kreger, ExakTime Customer and Operations Manager of BTAC

“We used to lose over 50 man hours a month with foremen chasing down workers’ time cards. Those days are gone. I don’t miss them.”

Chuck Kreger, Operations Manager

Single Service Solution

Cloud-based data collection allows for one-stop oversight and flexible, on-the-spot management across the enterprise.

Track & Manage Payroll

Accurate hours and job costing are digitally tracked and stored for secure access and syncing with your accounting package—simplifying payroll and supporting compliance.

Real-Time Updates

Maintain an agile workflow with real-time oversight and quick schedule or task changes for maximized productivity.

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