Home Care Time Tracking

Home care and hospice workers must be flexible with locations and client needs. They also need to show up on time for every shift—whether to drive clients to an appointment, pick up a prescription or simply aid with household tasks or personal care.

Our ExakTime Mobile app keeps your workers honest and reliable and your records straight by tracking employee time with 100% accuracy. Easily set up a Geofence around each client address so you can ensure that employees are in the proper location at clock-in or clock-out. Field Notes or mobile forms ensure you get the latest updates.

All data is viewable from anywhere on ExakTime’s cloud-based software so that you can monitor hours and activities in real time on your desktop or mobile device.

Our QuickBooks-compatible time tracking app also makes payroll a breeze (and it syncs with other payroll providers, too!).

Track & Manage Payroll

Time punches, overtime, breaks and more are digitally tracked and stored for secure access and syncing with your accounting package—making payroll much simpler.

Check Off Essential Tasks

Our home care software allows you to create a custom checklist that must be completed at clock-out and syncs with the employees’ time records in the cloud for review anytime.

Document Compliance

Workers can fill out mobile forms in the field to document their, and the clients’, safety. Forms, hours and timesheets are stored digitally for instant retrieval and easy compliance.

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