Landscaping Time Tracking

Landscaping Crew Time Card App

Landscapers face the unique challenge of tracking crews at spread-out jobs that might last just a few days, or even a few hours. What’s more, workers often move from task to task throughout the day, with each task requiring its own pay code.

Whether your workers go from site to site or stay put for weeks at a time, ExakTime’s cloud-based time tracking software allows employees or supervisors to track themselves or entire crews. Job costing is simple with the easy addition of custom cost codes, whether your crew is planting, blowing, edging or mowing.

Our mobile time clock app has built in GPS tracking for landscapers so you can keep track of which employees are at which job sites and make sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be. Have an issue with buddy punching? Our app also has photo ID verification to help make sure your employees are who they say they are.

Our QuickBooks-compatible time tracking app also makes payroll a breeze (and it syncs with other payroll providers, too!).

Holland Mason, Coast Landscaping

“Honest, accurate records get synced back to our office automatically.”

Holland Mason, Owner
Coast Landscaping

Stay Up-to-Date

Review time punches, photo ID verification and GPS tracking in real time. Receive text, audio and photo updates on progress, materials or site incidents from the field.

Reduce Time Waste

Eliminate the need for employees or crew supervisors to call or text in work hours daily or to fill out and drive in time cards at the end of the week.

Track & Manage Payroll

Accurate hours and job costing are digitally tracked and stored for secure access and syncing with your accounting package—simplifying payroll and supporting compliance.

Ready to see more?

“Now I’m paying my workers for when they actually worked. We save $50,000 a year, maybe more.”

- Mike Cooper,
Cooper Drywall, Knoxville, TN

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