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Time and Attendance Software that Integrates with QuickBooks

Odds are, you use QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online for a wide variety of businesses purposes, from payroll to invoices and everything in between. It’s an incredibly powerful program, but are you spending more time in it than you need to?

timesheet software that integrates with quickbooks

ExakTime offers a QuickBooks-compatible time tracking app and other time tracking solutions that make collecting time records more efficient. You’ll be able to seamlessly sync your time tracking data to your payroll package, removing one of the most time consuming and error prone tasks from your payroll process.

Make Payroll a Breeze with ExakTime

With ExakTime’s time tracking solutions, you can cut your payroll processing time in half.

Your employees can clock in and out effortlessly with our mobile time clock app or our rugged time clocks, your managers can keep track of hours and other important notes from the field with our feature-rich time tracking software, and your payroll department can import everything they need in order to cut the checks.

If you’re still tracking time by hand or with incompatible software, you’re wasting hours of labor—and a small fortune—each pay period.

How Does AccountLinx Plus Simplify Your Payroll?

It imports the fields that matter most.

AccountLinx Plus for QuickBooks, our QuickBooks connection, is easy to set up and even easier to use.

First, just match your QuickBooks employees, service items, customers and jobs to the corresponding fields in ExakTime Connect to transfer the data into our software.

You can also export other important fields, like comments, vendors, classes and pay codes (regular time, overtime, vacation time, holidays, sick days and more). Plus, ExakTime Connect—our cloud-based time tracking software—can support multiple QuickBooks company files.

You’ll never have to manually enter records again.

It makes sending records easy.

Sending your records is as simple as selecting a date range and a group of employees in AccountLinx Plus and hitting the export button.

Your 100% accurate records from ExakTime Connect will populate in QuickBook’s built-in time tracking screen in no time.

It focuses on efficiency.

By automating your entire payroll process, AccountLinx Plus for QuickBooks saves countless hours processing payroll and allows your office team to spend more time on other important tasks—like estimates, compliance and profitability.

Certified Payroll Reporting for QuickBooks

Working on a government contract?

Certified payroll can be tricky, but ExakTime’s certified payroll reports make compliance a breeze. Just mark a jobsite as a certified payroll location and you’ll be able to easily distinguish between prevailing wage jobs and normal labor rates. You can than smoothly sync this data with your QuickBooks program—no more hassle!

Start Making Your QuickBooks Payroll Process Easier Today

Ready to start cutting costs and stop wasting money? Fill out our form to learn more about ExakTime’s custom-tailored time tracking solutions—including how our software allows you to share seamlessly with Intuit’s QuickBooks payroll software.

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Holland Mason, Coast Landscaping

“Honest, accurate records get synced back to our office automatically.”

Holland Mason, Owner
Coast Landscaping

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