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Sage Time Tracking Integration: Save Time & Money

If you’re in the construction or real estate business or do any contract work in these industries, you know how powerful Sage’s software suite can be. When you track your employees’ time and attendance with ExakTime, you’ll be able to sync that data with your Sage payroll program, which significantly reduces the time your staff has to spend on processing paychecks. Sage Construction Software Logo

Stop wasting time tracking time.

ExakTime’s Sage-compatible time clocks and software make it easy to track time in any industry, even those with a complex mobile workforce. Are your employees always moving from job site to job site? They can clock in and out from anywhere with our time clock app. Work in a harsh construction environment? Our rugged, wireless job clocks can withstand rough conditions and collect 100% accurate time records. This data is all stored in our web-based time tracking program, ExakTime Connect, for your review. From there, your payroll department can easily export everything they need to your Sage payroll program. If you’re still tracking time by hand or with incompatible software, you’re wasting hours of labor—and a small fortune—each pay period.

Clear the path for painless payroll.

Our easy-to-use AccountLinx software seamlessly send time records from ExakTime Connect to Sage 50, Sage 100, and Sage 300 in seconds. Finally, a way to remove all obstacles to quick payroll processing.

AccountLinx is easy to set up and even easier to use.

Syncing with Sage 100 Contractor & Master Builder

Using the Sage 100 API, just match your Sage 100 employees, cost codes and job sites with the corresponding fields in ExakTime Connect to transfer the data into our software. To send your records to Sage 100, select the payroll date range and group of employees in AccountLinx Plus, then hit the export button. You can also exclude specific records if necessary. Once it’s done, Sage 100 will show 100% accurate time records—and it only takes seconds.  

Syncing with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate & Timberline Office

Just match your Sage 300 time entries—Employee, Job and JC Cost Code—with the corresponding fields in ExakTime Connect to transfer the data into our software. You can also export other important fields, like Certified Class, WC Code, Union, Department and advanced Pay IDs (overtime, vacation time, holidays, sick days and more). To export the data, just select a date range and group of employees in AccountLinx Plus for Sage 300. You can also exclude records if you’d like. Then, all you have to do is hit the export button.  

Syncing with Sage 50 – U.S. Edition & Peachtree

Match your Sage 50 time ticket entries—Employees and Employee IDs, Accounting Item IDs, and Job IDs—with the corresponding fields in ExakTime Connect to transfer the data into our software. You can also export other important fields, like Billing Types, Billing Rates and Billing Status. Sending your records to Sage 50 is as simple as selecting a payroll date range and group of employees in AccountLinx and hitting the export button. You can exclude specific records if you’d like. Your 100% accurate records from ExakTime Connect will export to a clean, easy-to-read file that Sage 300 can import.

Time is money.

When you use ExakTime with Sage, you’ll save countless hours processing payroll. This frees up your office team to spend more time on other important tasks—like estimates, compliance and profitability. Want to learn more? Fill out our form below to request more information about our time tracking solutions and find out how you can save time—and money—every pay period.

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Holland Mason, Coast Landscaping

“Honest, accurate records get synced back to our office automatically.”

Holland Mason, Owner
Coast Landscaping

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