Rugged Time Clocks

Our portable time clocks work at the toughest job sites.


Conveniently Wireless. Reliably Rugged.

In JobClock Hornet, wireless technology meets tough durability. This weatherproof, rugged time clock designed for harsh environments sends workers’ time and activities to the cloud every hour, so you can track anytime, from anywhere.

Here are just a few features that make the Hornet the perfect portable time clock for construction, contracting, and any other heavy-duty jobsites:

  • Get 100% accurate records every hour via a reliable mobile data network
  • Manage your workforce in real time on any device and avoid unplanned overtime
  • Save on fuel costs and drive time of picking up paper time cards
  • Mount and lock your Hornets for optimal security
  • Works with your accounting program and helps you stay compliant
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Outside of cellular range? This isn’t a problem with ExakTime. Your data is securely stored until cell service is available.

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Automatic Record Delivery

Don’t waste another cent or second collecting time cards. Hornet delivers clock-ins, clock-outs and cost codes wirelessly back to your office every hour so you can make real-time job site decisions.

Easy Clock-in and Clock-out

Our multicolored keytabs make it easy for workers to clock in and out in seconds. Green and red mean 'go' and 'stop', and colored keytabs can assigned to different cost codes.

Cost Code Tracking

Employee time records and cost codes are sent back to the office every hour—so that every minute is tracked to the right job.

Pay Only for Hours Worked

Say goodbye to the hassles and inaccuracies of paper time tracking and never look back. Now your workers’ attendance is actually required for every minute they are on the clock.

Rugged, Military Grade Housing

Built to last, the Hornet is encased in a military-grade ABS composite shell that can withstand rough handling. It's also weatherproof, able to handle temperatures ranging from -10 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit (-23 to 77 degrees Celsius).

Long Lasting Battery

A rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts for approximately 21 days—the longest-lasting battery life of any outdoor time clock. A convenient car charger allows you to recharge while on the go.

Secure & Extensive Storage Capabilities

No matter the size of your workforce, the Hornet stores thousands of time and cost code records safely and securely.

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“Now I’m paying my workers for when they actually worked. We save $50,000 a year, maybe more.”

- Mike Cooper,
Cooper Drywall, Knoxville, TN

World’s Toughest Time Clock—Completely Bluetooth Enabled

JobClock/LE is a rugged, battery-operated and bluetooth-compatible time clock that tracks employees’ hours and cost codes with the simple touch of a keytab. Over an extended duration of time in the roughest conditions, it stores 100% accurate time and activity punches for easy sharing with your payroll package.

With the JobClock/LE, customers can easily collect employee time records using their iOS and Android devices, for quick syncing with the cloud and easier-than-ever workforce management.

The JobClock/LE is the best portable time clock for any industry that demands its equipment be as tough as its employees. Here’s why:

  • Gather accurate time punches with a portable time clock that’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices
  • Mount and lock your LE for optimal security
  • Built for the long haul with an average battery life of 6 months
  • Automatically adjusts to Daylight Savings Time
  • Streamline payroll from punch-in to paycheck and stay compliant

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