Classic Concrete Forming

Case Study

Concrete Company Tracks Far-Flung Crews Accurately with ExakTime

“Formed” in 2006 in Cumming, Georgia, Classic Concrete Forming weathered the storm of the Great Recession to watch their company blossom on the other side. ExakTime has helped them continue to grow.

Today, owners Ed Fredrickson and Mike Vandenbos oversee as many as 250 field workers, as well as a permanent staff of 25. Their business is strictly building concrete forms, which they do for a wide range of construction projects, ranging from condominiums to university parking decks to hospital medication vaults. They typically have 12 to 16 projects going at any one time.

Call for Change

Before ExakTime, Classic Concrete Forming relied on supervisors to fill out paper time sheets for their crews at the end of each week. As their business increased, their growing number of crews began to spread across the Southeastern United States. Time sheets had to be faxed in, and if supervisors forgot, they would have to be hunted down by phone to collect the time records.

Pat Fredrickson, the office manager at Classic Concrete Forming as well as Ed’s wife, has handled payroll for the company from the beginning. She said it was a hassle chasing down supervisors and getting the sheets faxed in. Once all that paperwork was collected, Pat would manually enter the data into their accounting program.

“Before ExakTime, supervisors typically paid everybody the same thing. They were so busy, they couldn’t possibly remember whether Tim or Joe was here that day or not, so they just went ahead and paid him.”

Classic Concrete Forming was only getting bigger, adding jobs and crews every year—which meant more lost time and money. Then in 2011 Ed called ExakTime, a system he had first encountered when helping out a former employer before he established Classic Concrete.

ExakTime To The Rescue

When they decided to purchase an ExakTime system for themselves, Classic Concrete Forming chose the wireless JobClock Hornet, as many of their job sites are far away and work often takes four months to a year. “We liked the Hornet because it transmits time records automatically,” Pat noted. “We don’t have to worry about our guys forgetting to send them in.”

Even if it was just honest forgetfulness, the inaccuracy surrounding attendance was costing the company money. “Since starting ExakTime I can see when there’s a guy who’s late or another who leaves early,” Pat said. “Now we’re paying them for what they really worked, and not what the supervisors were able to remember.”

They have also experienced huge time savings with the ExakTime system, according to Pat. “ExakTime saves our superintendents time, because they’re not having to sit down and fill out timesheets. It saves me time because I’m not having to review all the timesheets and then input the information.” With the number of employees they currently have, Pat said doing payroll manually would probably take her a whole day. “Now it takes me a couple of hours at most—and that includes review time.”

Forming Their Future

With a workforce that is continually adding and changing people, the company has had to train plenty of new employees on the ExakTime system. The Hornet’s simplicity has made this a nearly seamless process, even in a field of 250 employees.

Because of their success with the Hornet, Pat has few worries about rolling out ExakTime Mobile to her workforce. She feels ExakTime’s mobile time tracking app will help employees monitor themselves more easily on large jobs like the parking deck at the University of Alabama, where Classic Concrete Forming had workers spread out at many different areas.

“There will never be doubt as to whether someone remembered to clock out,” she said, “with an app that snaps a picture of every clock-in and clock-out.”ExakTime

Classic Concrete Forming

Industry Concrete
Based In Cumming, GA
Employees 275
ExakTime Products ExakTime Mobile, JobClock Hornet

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