Coast Landscaping Inc.

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Landscaping company says pennies saved with ExakTime “really add up”

Coast Landscaping Inc. of Vista, California performs commercial landscape maintenance as well as construction landscaping for new builds and homeowners associations, servicing up to 90 different construction and maintenance sites at one time. Established in 1978, the company has an average of 30 employees on their payroll at a given point.

After over three decades in business, Coast Landscaping Inc. began seeking a more effective and efficient time tracking system that could easily track employees’ hours, and help avoid future disputes over hours or wages. They achieved these improvements and more when they discovered the ExakTime system, which saves them 23 to 25% percent in payroll expenses every pay period.

Paper Wasn’t Cutting It

According to Administrative Assistant Jessica Mason, Coast Landscaping Inc. had relied on paper time cards to record their employees’ hours, which never felt reliable in terms of tracking actual hours and minutes worked. In addition, workers and supervisors had to agree on what the total hours were at payroll time.

“We have a lot of long-term employees, so it’s not that we don’t trust them, but with the time cards it’s kind of a free for all when it comes to remembering how many hours you worked a few days ago,” Mason said. “Even the two or three minutes shaved off of each employee’s workday, multiplied by 30 for payroll—all those pennies really add up, so ExakTime really helps us.”

A Welcome Transition

Coast Landscaping Inc. had no problem adopting the ExakTime system with their workforce in the field and in the office, according to Mason. “The ExakTime system seems to be really easy for our workers, and it’s easy to understand on the back-end as well.”

One of their largest contracts to date was a city “mitigation” for the City of
San Diego, a $250,000 project that involved restoring approximately 10 acres of city land to its “natural” habitat, which the completed in December 2013, as well as continued maintenance over a 25-month period. The company has used the ExakTime Mobile app to track labor on this job site.

Easing Liability Concerns

When Coast Landscaping Inc. was still dependent on a paper timecard system, the company delegated the responsibility of filling out time cards for their employees, many of whom are Spanish-speaking, to a bilingual foreman.

“Everyone was doing their best,” said Mason, “but it was all word of mouth. It’s better to make our employees accountable for themselves and then they can come to me directly if they made a mistake or forgot to clock in or out. It helps cut out confusion and inconsistency.”

Mason said that having employees clocking in and out digitally has eased the company’s worries about handling potential disputes over hours. “The ExakTime system helps us keep better track of everything and ensures we’re more organized on our end, so we don’t fall into a bad situation later on.”

A Blended Family of ExakTime Clocks

Coast Landscaping Inc.’s current ExakTime system consists of three JobClock Hornets, five JobClock/EXs, and two ExakTime Mobile licenses.

“For our projects that are located an hour away in San Diego, we mostly use the Hornet so that we automatically receive the records wirelessly,” Mason explained. “The app is used by our two supervisors who are on the construction side of the business and move from job site to job site, depending on where they are needed. This app works well for them as they can just punch in or out on their smartphones wherever they are. The EX’s we use in the trucks for employees who are driving to job sites.”

Mason said that overall the system has made time tracking and payroll processing more straightforward. “We don’t worry about tracking our labor accurately anymore. Using ExakTime makes time and attendance tracking much simpler.”ExakTime

Coast Landscaping Inc.

Industry Landscaping
Based In Vista, CA
Employees 30
ExakTime Products ExakTime Mobile, JobClock Hornet, JobClock/EX

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