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Why Florida’s Largest Roofing Company Chooses ExakTime

With over 400 employees spread across 70+ job sites at any given time, Latite Roofing is a giant in their industry—taking the crown for largest roofing company in the state of Florida. For more than 70 years, Latite has relied on its skilled workers and close client relations to tackle all types of roofing projects, whether commercial or residential.

Yet, as the industry continued to grow and technology advanced, some old processes—from sorting through paper time cards to manual payroll entry—began to take their toll on Latite. If the company was going to accommodate their high volume of jobs, a change needed to be made.

The solution would need to be able to scale quickly to accommodate Latite’s size, be user-friendly to make onboarding painless, and be battle-tested enough to win the trust of all levels of management.

To solve their time tracking and workforce management needs, Latite decided to partner with ExakTime.

A Strong Tradition of Safety

Safety and compliance is something Latite Roofing takes very seriously. Every Monday morning, the team gathers for a toolbox talks to review safety precautions for specific projects, as well as compliance and other regulatory measures, to ensure all their ducks are in a row—from management down to workers. This helps keep workers safe and the company bulletproof against any potential compliance crackdowns.

For a company that values safety and compliance as highly as Latite Roofing, it only makes sense they would partner with a workforce management company that applies the same attention to detail when addressing time management.

“With ExakTime, we’re not putting all our time into checking other people’s time. We can focus more on the things that matter. It’s a big timesaver.”

– Sally Hackle, Service Manager – West Coast Operations.

Cutting Costs Wisely

The Latite Roofing team knows no matter how large or small the job is, everything comes down to cash flow and properly managing expenses. This is why they rely on ExakTime to see exactly when and where their money was spent for each project. Using the labor data provided through ExakTime reporting—from overtime hours to workers’ locations—Latite is able to zero in on which crew is doing what and for how long, allowing them to effectively manage regular hours, overtime hours, and other overhead expenses, and make adjustments as needed.

“We can see where we’re at within our budgets with ExakTime’s reports. We can cut down or cut out overtime hours easily now. It’s great,” says Sally Hackle, Latite’s Service Manager of West Coast Operations.

Going with your gut will only get you so far when it comes to the financial success of your construction or field service business. To see how payroll and expenses are being divvied out,100% accurate data is crucial. By becoming aware of where your money went, you’ll be able to better bid on projects, increase margins, and properly staff projects going forward.

Making Payroll a Breeze

Working on hundreds of job sites at the same time means many wheels are turning at once, and every second counts. Any negative impact of inefficient processes will be magnified in its effect on profit margins and running an organization smoothly.

One process nearly every business owner, HR rep, or payroll manager dreads is staying up-to-date on weekly payroll. Cycling through loads of paper time cards and manually entering them into a spreadsheet is not only time consuming, but is a real minefield for errors.

According to Hackle, the company’s ability to complete payroll seamlessly now in just a few clicks is one of the biggest benefits of the ExakTime solution. With ExakTime implemented, Latite is able to take care of payroll on a Friday afternoon as opposed to spending the entire week tracking workers down for their time cards.

“Before ExakTime, we’d have to send our spreadsheets over to corporate to be processed,” said Hackle. “Now, we can manage all of our workers in house with a couple of clicks through ExakTime—their time on the job, their travel, and everything else.”

Hackle added, “It’s definitely saved us money.”

ExakTime syncs with over 90 different payroll processing platforms—so whether you use Viewpoint, Sage, Foundation or a different software, payroll will be a breeze. By exporting time and attendance data in minutes and speeding up data transfer, users can rest assured payroll will always be on time and accurate.

Latite Roofing has provided top-tier service for clients for over 70 years. By choosing ExakTime, they’re able to uphold their exceptional reputation by cutting costs, increasing margins, freeing up payroll processing time, and keeping their crews productive. Now, from the top down, Latite can focus on more important tasks than thumbing through paper time cards.

“With ExakTime,” said Hackle, “we’re not putting all our time into checking other people’s time. We can focus more on the things that matter. It’s a big timesaver.”

Latite Roofing

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“We can cut down or cut out overtime hours easy now. It’s great,”
- Sally Hackle, Service Manager
West Coast Operations

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Cut time spent on payroll from 5 business days to a few hours/week
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