Let’s face it: manual payroll processing isn’t pretty, and neither are paper time cards. Whether intentional or accidental, mistakes happen. If you dread payroll every time, you might already be aware of the time and attendance pitfalls at your workplace—you just don’t know of a simple fix. Here are the most common reasons for inaccuracies in payroll, as well as a solution to keep them from hurting your business.


Buddy Punching

Not every employee you hire will be 100% honest or have your best interests at heart. “Buddy Punching” can lead to hours and hours of false work records every month, costing you thousands in payroll.

ExakTime Mobile, our powerful time-tracking app that runs on any smartphone or tablet, eliminates this problem with photo biometrics. When workers clock in and out from the field with their unique four-digit PIN, our convenient FaceFront Biometrics feature snaps a photo with the phone’s or tablet’s front-facing camera, which your bookkeeper can use to verify the accuracy of every punch.

Weekly Hour Inflation

vPaper time cards rely far too much on the honors system and human memory. How do you keep your crew from exaggerating how much time was spent at the job site? Hour inflation is a significant problem faced by most all employers with a remote workforce—whether it’s made up of 20 workers or 200—and those minutes and hours add up to a significant and unnecessary monetary loss.

ExakTime Mobile confirms each employee’s location upon clock-in using 18 global positioning satellites. You’ll have access to time and attendance data anytime you need it from the comfort of your office, to monitor project costs and overtime. You’ll also receive notice if a crew member clocks in or out when they’re outside of the job site area that you’ve designated.

Errors from Manual Entry

You probably hire workers for their skills and experience, not their penmanship. When an employee hands you a time card that is so sloppy that a nine looks like a zero, you’re most likely going to have an error in your data entry. Bookkeepers also make mistakes on occasion when manually entering data.

With JobClock Hornet, our wireless time clock, workers simply clock in and out with green and red Keytabs, and the Hornet sends accurate digital time records back to your office every hour, automatically. You won’t have to decode handwritten time sheets anymore—or go out to pick them up.

All of our clock’s records, including the Hornet’s, are gathered on your computer in TimeSummit, our powerful time tracking software. TimeSummit is compatible with every major accounting program for simple data transfer, breaking free from the errors caused by manual data entry and making payroll quick and easy.