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ExakTime Mobile App - The leading employee time clock app.

Free your team from the hassles of paper time cards while saving time and money. ExakTime’s GPS mobile clock-in app makes employee time tracking easy.

GPS Tracking

Rest assured that workers are on site and on task with geofences and breadcrumb functionality

Photo ID Capture

Verify employee identity with a quick photo snapped with their device at clock-in and clock out

Compliance Sign-off

Save time with automated compliance sign off for employee responses on health, safety, breaks and digital time card hours.

Field Notes & Photos

View important field updates in the form of photos or digital notes.


Assign shifts and tasks to workers and crews and send alerts with time and location.

Crew & Job Site Tracking

Track crews and labor costs with a couple of taps, and view clock-ins and updates for any job site.

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Easy Clock-In and Out

With the ExakTime Mobile App, clocking in and out is simple. Using their own device, workers just tap green on the Clock In screen to start and red to clock out. Our time clock app is as powerful as it is user-friendly—making increased productivity and adoption that much easier.

COVID-19 Mobile Health Screening Form

ExakTime makes it easier to protect your workforce and your business, and to meet health-screening requirements. Your employees can self-screen at clock-in or clock-out, removing the burden from supervisors. The required information is collected and stored in your database.

GPS Tracking

Keep track of employee location data for traveling workers or crews on the job site. Get breadcrumbing data in real time on their location and speed of travel while they are on the job—with very little data usage, and no tracking off the clock.


Photo ID Verification

FaceFront uses your device’s front-facing camera to snap a photo of each worker when they clock in and out. Now you can confirm the right person is at the right job site. Goodbye, buddy-punching, hello, savings.


Mobile Time Card Approvals

Workers can view total, Regular, Overtime 1 and Overtime 2 hours for the week in addition to daily totals. To facilitate compliance, employees can verify their time card totals for a completed period by signing or tapping “Approve” right on their mobile devices. Do we need something here about management approvals?


ExakTime Scheduling

ExakTime Scheduling lets system administrators and project managers set up single and recurring shifts which are viewable on the ExakTime Mobile App. Workers will see the date, location, time range and cost code for their upcoming shift, and can clock in with a tap on their mobile device—keeping them organized and accountable for the time that’s on your dime.


Equipment Tracking

In addition to time tracking, track heavy equipment, tools and materials with our flexible feature that uses GPS tracking. Employees clock in on equipment by name so you’ll know who used it, when and for how long.


Mobile Forms

Stay compliant and avoid tedious paperwork. Employees answer simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions about breaks or injuries on the job as they clock out on ExakTime Mobile. You can even require a signature, and all data is stored in ExakTime Connect for easy access when you need it.

Low Data Usage

ExakTime Mobile uses just 10MB of data per month at most, less than 0.3% of what the average smartphone user consumes monthly. To put this in perspective, our time clock app can operate at full capacity for 30 days using less data than streaming a two-minute YouTube video. Now that’s efficiency.


More Features


With Elapsed Time, workers can stay on top of the hours they’ve logged since clock-in.


Workers or supervisors want to know how long they’ve been clocked in? No problem. With Elapsed Time, employees will see an icon and counter showing them how much time has passed since clock-in at the top of the ExakTime Mobile App screen.


Improve budgeting and estimates with automated task tracking.


Get detailed information on labor costs on a task-by-task basis. Employees select their task from a customized list as they clock in, and supervisors do the same for their crew. Changing tasks throughout the day is as simple as clocking out on one “cost code” and into another.


Get insight into onsite activity without leaving the office.


Using your smartphone’s multimedia capabilities, send important site updates and incident reports to the office in text, voice, and photo field notes. Notes are instantly viewable in our web-based software and stored for easy documentation.

Join over 7,500 companies now saving with ExakTime.

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