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Time Clock App

ExakTime Mobile, the easiest GPS clock-in app for employees.

Mobile Time Tracking in the Cloud

Our feature-rich, employee-friendly time clock app for iPhone and Android turns your mobile device into a workforce management tool that tracks employee time and collects essential data for our time clock software in real time.

ExakTime’s mobile time tracking app makes clocking in and out as simple as tapping a button, but it also comes with features well beyond an ordinary time card.

Concerned about buddy-punching? The combination of a private four-digit PIN plus our convenient photo verification system confirms the identities of each worker as he or she clocks in or out on our time tracking software.

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Outside of cellular range? This isn’t a problem with ExakTime. Your data is securely stored until cell service is available.

ExakTime Mobile also works as a time clock app for multiple employees. Supervisors can track whole crews easily, and a customized view ensures that no one will have a long list of names to scroll through.

All information collected with our time card app is synced to the cloud, so those with secure permissions can access data and reports via the Internet anytime, from anywhere (helping you comply with Davis Bacon and other laws).

Other benefits of our clock-in, clock-out app:
  • Track by the person or let supervisors track crews, hours and job costing
  • Employee GPS tracking shows the locations of workers at clock-in and clock-out
  • Store 100% accurate digital data safely & securely on the cloud
  • Review time and attendance for employees each day
  • Works with your accounting program and helps you stay compliant


Individual & Crew Clock-In

Mobile time tracking is easy for your workers on their own device: just tap green to start and red to clock out. Supervisors can use our time and attendance app to track multiple employees at once, clocking in for a pre-selected crew or creating a crew on the spot from the field.

Job Costing

Employees select their task from a customized list as they clock in, and supervisors do the same for their crew. Changing tasks throughout the day is as simple as clocking out on one “cost code” and into another.

GPS Geofences

Confirm workers are clocking in and out at the job site, Set customized, GPS-powered geofences for each location or job site. A quick check reveals if anyone has clocked in, or out, off site.

GPS Geotrakker

Keep track of employee location data for traveling workers or crews on the job site. Get breadcrumbing data in real time on their location and speed of travel while they are on the job—with very little data usage, and no tracking off the clock.

Photo ID Verification

It is possible to have biometric confirmation without the hassle of fingerprints. FaceFront Biometrics uses your device’s front-facing camera to snap a photo of each worker when they clock in and out. Goodbye, buddy-punching.

Field Notes

Using your smartphone’s multimedia capabilities, send important site updates and incident reports to the office in the form of text, voice, and photos. Notes can be viewed instantly in our web-based software and are stored for easy documentation.

Mobile Forms

Stay compliant, and avoid messy paperwork! Employees answer simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions about breaks or injuries on the job as they make adjustments on our employee clock in app. You can even require a signature, and all data is stored in ExakTime Connect.

View Sets

Easily group employees or cost codes according to department or crew, so supervisors and managers don’t have to sift through irrelevant data before they clock in or manage their team.


Get the latest details on any job site on a single screen within our time clock app. SiteHub is a convenient way to review clock-ins, cost code activity and other real-time updates in an instant—for informed oversight on the go.

Team View

A bird’s-eye view of where your team is working right now can be helpful when it comes to allocating tasks or visiting job sites. View a map showing a pinpoint for each worker who is clocked in across the field based on their GPS location, allowing you to better manage your projects and crews.


ExakTime Mobile is available in a Spanish version, with app text and prompts en español. Set preferred language on a device-by-device basis for the ease of your Spanish-speaking crews or supervisors.

ExakTime Mobile is available for download at the Apple App Store and Google Play. Please note that a contract with ExakTime is required for use of our time card app.

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