Field Notes

With the power available in today’s mobile devices, there is no reason contractors, business owners or supervisors with mobile workforces should be in the dark about what’s happening in the field.

Field Note App

Instant access at the office

All Field Notes are instantly sent to our secure cloud for review now or later on any browser-based device. Records appear on the ExakTime Connect dashboard in real time and are conveniently attached to their respective job site and employee for easy follow-up.

  • Send photo, audio and text updates
  • Keep team informed of site incidents
  • Notes automatically stored in the cloud

Every type of “note”

Field Notes, an ExakTime Mobile feature, lets workers or supervisors take photos, send text or record audio updates about incidents or progress in the field.

Capture site updates and unplanned events

Use Field Notes to report unplanned events that occur on the job, incorrect shipments of materials, or equipment damage or just to keep a visual record of the job progress.

Field Note Worker

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“Now I’m paying my workers for when they actually worked. We save $50,000 a year, maybe more.”

- Mike Cooper,
Cooper Drywall, Knoxville, TN

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