Employee GPS Time Tracking App

Employees Outside Geofence

It can be hard to keep track of workers or crews at multiple job sites. But geography doesn’t have to be an issue with the aid of the ExakTime app’s employee GPS time tracking. Our mobile time clock app with GPS makes workforce tracking simple with real-time employee location tracking that’s synced to the cloud and accessible from anywhere.

GPS Geofence Time Tracking

ExakTime Mobile time clock app with GPS pinpoints workers’ locations using their device’s GPS capabilities.

Set up a Geofence for each work site to ensure workers are on site when they clock in and out. View 100% accurate maps and reports in our cloud-based time clock software to determine whether your personnel were on or off site when they clocked in. When you have a time clock app with GPS, it’s like you have a virtual foreperson overseeing clock ins and clock outs at your work sites.

Our state-of-the-art time clock app with GPS works on all GPS-enabled smartphones and tablets and runs on the most popular cell phone carriers in North America, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Rogers Wireless.

GPS GeoTrakker

GPS breadcrumbing

Easily track employees on the go and keep them accountable. Our mobile time tracker app’s GeoTrakker feature provides GPS breadcrumbs as an employee travels to, from, or between job sites while on the clock.

Real-Time Updates

GPS-enabled GeoTrakker runs in the background of an employee’s smartphone, using minimal data to verify worker location and rate of travel. Employee GPS tracking creates data that can be accessed to generate detailed location reports for supervisors, managers, or business owners.

The field employee GPS tracking app shuts off when an employee clocks out—so their location is no longer tracked when they’re off the clock.

Improve employee accountability and increase productivity with ExakTime’s time clock with GPS.

Mobile Employee GPS Location Tracking

gps employee tracking

ExakTime Mobile also offers GPS-powered features that show you what’s going on across your team or at a specific job site.

Want to know at a quick glance who’s at work across your job sites? Team View provides a map view showing everyone who has clocked in throughout your team, and where.

For a more detailed glance at everything going on at a specific job site, ExakTime Mobile’s powerful SiteHub feature uses GPS to detect the nearest job site and then provides a live feed of clock-ins, clock-outs, field notes, budget items and more, plus a map and directions to and from the site.

Workforce GPS Reports

Maintain close oversight of where remote employees are clocking in and out with our workforce GPS location app. All reports can be exported into Excel or PDF formats.

Our powerful GPS Touch Detail Report provides a detailed list of who clocked in on or off-site and their exact distance from a designated Geofence. (Our MapView feature shows you employees’ locations as pin dots on a map.)


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