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Employee GPS Tracking App

Geofence Screen

In our busy, mobile world, crews and job sites are often spread out. But geographical distance is a minor issue with the aid of GPS tracking and Team View, both available with ExakTime Mobile, our robust workforce management app.

Geofence Time Tracking

ExakTime Mobile’s exclusive GPS feature pinpoints workers’ locations using your device’s GPS capabilities.

Set up a Geofence for each work site to ensure workers are on site when they clock in and out. View 100% accurate maps and reports in our cloud-based time clock software showing where your people were when clocking in—and if they were not on site. It’s like having a virtual foreman at your work sites.

Our state-of-the-art GPS technology works on all smartphones and tablets, and runs on the most popular cell phone carriers in North America and around the globe, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Rogers Wireless.

iPhone 6 with Team View

Employee & Location Tracking

ExakTime Mobile also offers GPS-powered features that show you what’s going on across your team or at a specific job site.

Want to know at a quick glance who’s at work at across your job sites? Team View provides a map view showing everyone who has clocked in throughout your team, and where.

For a more detailed glance at everything going on at a specific job site, ExakTime Mobile’s powerful SiteHub feature uses GPS to detect the nearest job site and then provides a live feed of clock-ins, clock-outs, field notes, budget items and more, plus a map and directions to and from the site.

GPS Reports

Maintain close oversight of where remote employees are clocking in and out with GPS. All reports can be exported into Excel or PDF formats.

GPS Touch Detail & Map

This report shows every time stamp for an employee on a given day in chart and map form—and details the exact distance of off-site time punches from a set GPS geofence.

GPS report

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