It pays to stay informed about what’s really going on at your job sites. With ExakTime Mobile’s SiteHub, mobile workforce management is easier than ever.

Tablet with SiteHub

Instant Job Site Oversight

Accessible via our ExakTime Mobile app, SiteHub provides you with an instant, bird’s-eye view of everything that’s happening at your job sites. You can choose to view the site that’s nearest you or any of your current work sites.

Scrollable Live Feed

When you open SiteHub, information from the job site fills the screen of your smartphone or tablet, including a scrollable live feed of real-time clock-ins and clock-outs, Field Notes, and equipment or materials updates.

Workers, Costs & Weather

SiteHub displays a list of all workers clocked in at the site, and a helpful budgeting aid shows you the hourly labor cost for the site. The National Weather forecast and alerts for the area are visible as well as relevant local information.

With SiteHub, better workforce management and peace of mind are just a few taps away.

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